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CASSIA REBRANDS... Unveils It’s Classy Look And ETTNNIIKKI Menu

Annie and Eka with Mr.Olumide Adeshina

Monalisa Chinda and Charles O’Tudor 

Annie and Eka,co-owners of cassia and a Mr.Diribe

The host and Joseph Edgar 

Charles O’Tudor,Brand strategist to cassia,the hosts for the day and Suleiman Aledeh

The hosts,David Eweje and Carol Johnson

Charles O’Tudor,Brand strategist to cassia, Suleiman Aledeh and a guest

The hosts and Mr.Lanre Ogunlesi 

Charles O’Tudor and Mr.Lanre Ogunlesi

The hosts and Dollie Poppman.

The host and Ms.Linda

Mr.Diribe, the host and Mr.Mannie.

The host and some guests.

The host and Ms.Kehinde Onasoga.

The host and Monalisa Chinda

The host and Ms.Linda

Mr.Olumide Adeshina

The hosts and guests.

Benny Obaze,CharlesO’Tudor a guest and Mr.Olotu.

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