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She died on 22nd, July 2019. Mrs. Margaret Adebimpe Olaseinde is the mother of popular Lagos celebrity lady, Caroline Olaseinde. That is why Mama was called Mama Caro in her lifetime. She died at 80. She could have been 81 this December. Below, her husband, Chief Emmanuel Ayodele Olaseinde, kids, and friends pay tribute to her.

Mama Caro, I didn’t know I came to Nigeria to see you before you departed this world, we were always wondering who would go first, I thought it would be me, but God knows best.
You were a good wife, the wife of my youth, mother and the best grandmother to Tumininu and Tamilore could ever wish for. You cherish them and gave them everything you could which sometimes interrupted your social life.
Your friends whom you shared most of your life with have been very supportive, and I regret sometimes harassing you about your social life.
I believe you are resting at the bosom of Jesus. Rest in peace until we meet again. I will miss you.
- Love, Chief Emmanuel Ayodele Olaseinde.

Eulogy: Dearest Mother a poem from your beloved son. From Ernest
“Mothers pain a lonely place existing in the void of a shallow glade ... a life of sacrificial torment and self-denial entwined in the hovel of a destiny that shelters the obstacles of everlasting strain ... a helter-skelter of memories hidden in the folds of maternal love and anguish ... joyous
days alighting her journey through the clouds of a hazy maze ..... stumbling on rocks of raw emotions she smothers her brood in the warmth of mother’s embrace ... a fearsome shadow unyielding in the harrowing mist of life she shelters her young with the fierceness of a brooding
lioness ... as time flows in slow-mo her destiny falls in graceful mojo... the nest is flown and all alone her days a daze of lonesome craze ... blended yet pure is a mother’s love ... a gentle soul forever aglow...
Oh mother ... dearest sweet mother ..... departed from the world that you knew so well…departed
from the sweetness of life so swell. .. departed from the child that you loved so dear..... departed
from the hope of life so rare ...... departed from a youth that you lived in leaps...................................................................................................................................... departed from
the air that you breathed so deep ...... for the love of God where are thou mother...................................................................................................................................... your spirit in a
shell without thy spell...heavens above of our dearest Lord, we pray that you rise with your soul
absolved ... we weep from the depths of a heart so quelled... Goodbye from the son that you kept so pearled...
- Ernest

Mothers Love from Michael Adewale Olaseinde
Your arms were always open. Your heart understood when I needed a friend. Your gentle eyes were stern when I needed a lesson. Your strength and love have guided me and gave me wings to fly. Rest in peace Mum, until we meet again. Love from Michael, Elicia, James & Natasha & Brayden.

If the woman that lights the home up flickered and burnt out; We will be all lost in the dark and fall without a doubt.
We will willow in the mud and we will struggle to crawl;
Troubles will seem to be giants, even if they are small.
Farewell to the lady who had been through thick and thin; wipe a” the dirt upon stumbling, until we’re shiny, bright and clean.
Who smiles at a” the laughter we made when we succeed; God takes care of her, to you, we hardly plead.
                                                                                 Rest in Peace Mum, till we meet again.

Tribute to my Mum
I meant the world to my mum and vice versa. We were buddies. If I had a plan of any sort.. .. I would take it to Mummy, it will be blessed and she will take it on as her personal plan. I never got a bad result in school as Mummy would say my results are good enough and that’s the ability God has given me. Mummy never stressed me besides when she had attended several wedding and wondered when mine was ... she never failed to call me every night reminding me to lock my doors properly. She secured everything in my place to the best of her ability.
When we were blessed with Tumi and Tami alias Tumitami... I saw a different character of
my Mum .... she bathed them daily, fed them, played with them ... made up songs for
them ... ‘Tumitami fine girl’ .. .’ A tutu a tata, A tutu and tata’. She declared it was her divine
responsibility to look after the twins... God came through for her when I relocated to Port Harcourt and yours truly was on the flight with us until we fully settled. There were no schools for TumiTami so Grandma looked after them whilst I was away at work. TumiTami and Grandma relocated to London and Grandmas favorite occupation started again the caring and loving grandma.
Mummy did school runs at St Saviours School for 4 years ..... she made friends like Ijeoma, the security lady, Antonia, and Funlola .. sometimes she would be at Gbaja market at 1:30 whilst school closes at 2pm. The distance was never a bother to her. After being late a couple of times she was as prompt as big Ben. She had a deep profound love for Tumitami and fed them several times a day! Ordering MacDonald’s at 10:00pm!!
We enjoyed travelling together and love our row of seats on B.A. Britsh Airways will surely miss you.
I couldn’t ask for a better mother .... she was simply the best and happy that I’m proudly the “Caro” of Mama Caro. Mummy loved fashion .. sometimes we would have reservations about colour .... she in into a family of colours whilst I’m would insist on actual colour code .... buts she’s typically right .... as she says “wear what you have.”

Seems we shared a closet between Ikoyi and Ikeja as you can see from the photos.
Her life was all about my welfare and wellbeing .... my wishes for school, wedding, work and literally my every move. Mummy kept a watchful eye over me like an eagle .... sometimes I listened and sometimes not but if my appearance didn’t meet her expectations... I would get some serious eye rolls.
Honestly, I can’t remember being spanked and have vivid collections of being back at 10 years ... spoilt..yes I confess. there was never a dull moment in the house. She loves her Cadbury’s Dairy chocolate and cake .. Amala and Ogi and Akara and soft drinks, she enjoyed her life to the fullest.
I’m glad I was opportune to live and care with Mummy for the last 4 months of her life and say her last prayer with her an awesome privilege and experience.
Her good morning was always a long prayer. She was grateful for my support here and there. On that faithful morning when I noticed how weak she was and asked to go to the hospital, she quickly a requested for her Cadbury’s Whole Nut Chocolate ... her eyes spoke to me in volumes ... I knew the end was nigh .... My friend, my companion, my bestie, my confidant, my second in command was heading off and as I wished and prayed .. .its was peaceful in her sleep.
Mummy, Rest rest rest in peace ... I know your spirit is hovering over me and I’m sure I have an angel in heaven.
Mummy, I know you are watching over me in heaven, your sweet and loving memories will never depart from my heart.. ... Rest in Peace perpetual, Mummy. Love you, until we
meet again.
- Caroline (Caro)

I was very shocked when Caro called me to tell me about the loss of her dear mum. Mama Caro was a very lovely loyal and very kind friend who was always very supportive of me and my family. There was never a dull moment with Mama Caro around. Mama Caro as we all called her will be sourly missed by us all. I pray that Almighty God will continue to bless and protect her family. May God grant her eternal rest.
- Abah Folawiyo

Mama Caro, as she was popularly known, was a very dear and true friend to me. She was very full of life and jovial. Anywhere she went she brightened her surroundings and made those around her happy. She was fashionable, smart and fit. We enjoyed many good times together and she has left a big void. She is definitely missed. May her soul rest in peace and may the good Lord comfort her family for this great loss. Sun re Oremi.
- Mrs. Ireti Asemota

Margaret Adebimpe Olaseinde. One of the kindest most generous spirit and I was blessed to call her my friend for many years. She did not joke with her loved ones and that included both family and friends. She always made time for everyone: Baba Caro, her children, her grandchildren, her friends. A friend indeed she was. Dependable and loyal, and always there when you needed her. Nothing was too much to ask of her.....! Mama Caro, this wasn’t the plan. We were meant to celebrate your 80th in December but we didn’t know that God had bigger and better plans for you. I know you are up there with the Angels and Saints resting in the bosom of our Lord. Eternal rest grant on to her oh Lord and let perpetual light shine upon her. Sun re o my Dear friend. Until we meet again.
- Mrs. Jaiye Edgal

Mama Caro as we call her lived to her fullest in every aspect. Although we mourn the death of a great sister, one needs to remember that there is a cause for great joy to celebrate the successful life she lived. She was a very joyful happy soul, a hard worker, a successful businesswoman, an outstanding philanthropist, a socialite, your knack for quality and excellence reflected in all you did and placed you on a class of your own. It was indeed a privilege to have known you.
Mama Caro, you have fought a good fight. You have finished your course and have kept the faith on your Sojorn this warring world, I will remain ever proud of you. You will always be in my heart. I will always remember your cat steps and your smiling face. May your gentle soul rest in peace. Omo Ikorodu Oriwu. I love you Mama Caro sun re o. Goodbye. 
- Princess Yewande Onile-Ere

My dear friend and sister Ayoka Ade you are very nice on the inside and outside. My lovely Iyaoka mi. Goodnight.
- Shei Balogun

I wish we will all live for life, but death is a debt everyone has to pay. You were indeed a gem, a reliable and loving friend. What else can I say, just keep resting in the bosom of our Lord. Rest in perfect peace, Mama Caro.
- Dupe Gbadamosi

It was shocking and sad to hear that our aunty (Mama Carol) had passed on, Mama Caro was such an effusive, generous and lovable personality that always lighten up the atmosphere wherever she was. She will surely be missed and we pray that she will find repose and peace with her maker, Amen. Glory to Jesus and Honor to Mary.
- Feyishara Rowland

You have made your marks on the social sand of our clime. We have been close for over forty years during which you have proved to be a faithful, loving and reliable friend. May the good Lord be with you on your journey to your creator where we will meet to part no more. Rest in peace.
- Rev. Mother ‘Lara Mumuni J.P.

Mama Carol, Sissy mi, those words would never be true to anyone but you. I’ve known you since I’ve known myself. You were my immediate older sister (of seven sisters) so we were closer.
The only comfort I know is that you’re in Jesus’s and I love you and I know God loves you more.
Atinuke, Mama Jaiye

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