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IBADAN Rice Merchant, Aramide & Siblings Plan Big For Mum's Final Burial

In IBADAN, the Adenle sisters are well known along with their brothers.

They are Alhaja Laamo Muinat Omolara Abake,Alhaja Fatima omotara Anike and Alhaja Ideraoluwa Aramide Amoke.

Their brothers Alhaji Abdulquadri Adenle and Alhaji Olumide Kenny are also popular.

The big news is that they are set to hold a grand final burial ceremony for their mum,Alhaja Asanat Taiyelolu Apinke Omojenkeo-Adenle.

She died last April at the at age of 71. The 8th day fidau took place  on 19th of April 2019 at her residence at Ajia Estate,Ring Road,Ibadan.

It promises to be a really big party.

Fuji King K1 will thrill guests.Aso Ebi is 50k for men,50k for women and 100k for close relatives.

Guests are coming in from London,Lagos and Ibadan.

Venue is Daylan Event Centre,Ijokodo.
The D Day is 23rd of August 2019

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