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Why Many Ladies Prefer Medcreations Designs

Medcreations is the fashion house a lot of ladies are talking about right now.
This is because of its hot designs.

So good is this fashion house run by Medinat Oluwafeyishayo Babalola that her clientele base is increasing by the day. She has customers from not only within Nigeria, but from outside the country.

Many big babes in London and the US depend on her for their outfits.
What is her success secret Citypeople Online Fashion Magazine asked the lady behind the label.

What in her past prepared her for the many successes she has recorded of late in her business?

These and many more were the questions we asked her recently.
My name is Medinat Oluwafeyishayo Babalola. Am from Ekiti state. Itapa Ekiti to be precise. Oye Local Government of Ekiti state. I attended so many schools😀

1) Saint Barnabas Primary school . Sabo Oke, Ilorin. Kwara state.
2) Mafoluku Primary School. Mafoluku Oshodi. Lagos
3) Oshodi High School. Oshodi. Lagos
4) Army Children's High School. Ikeja Cantonment. Lagos. 
5) Yaba College of Technology

I got into Fashion and Designing about 14years ago.  It was just a hobby for me and pure talent . I never trained to be a fashion designer. No one trained me, my immediate younger sister ( Omowunmi Adunni Bello) was already in it and she was always telling me how  I talented I was with my hands because I could cut any design and sew all by myself and more I love clothes. 

I love Fashion. I used to have a tailor at the old Tejuosho market who also pushed me to turn my hobby into a career as I was just doing it for fun then.  I wasn't really serious about it. 

All my life I dreamt of being an Accountant but as faith would have it am a Fashion Designer. Getting paid for doing what I love and enjoy. Everyone who knows me knows how much I love my job.
 I love God first then my Family then my job
Who does she sew for?

"Basically women party dresses."

Medinat is a top notch fashion designer and Creative Director at Medcreations.
She studied at Yaba College of Technology in Lagos.

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