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US Based Hajia Jummy Ojuolape's Fashion Style Revealed!

She is one of the pretty Naija celebrity women doing well in the US. She lives in the city of Maryland in the US where she is a professional nurse.

She is in the health care field Hajia Noimot Adejumoke Ojuolape also does personal business. She sells ladies wears by the side.
She has 2 degrees. The 1st is a degree in Philosophy from Ogun State University, whilst the 2nd is a degree in Nursing from a US institution. This pretty Hajia who is happily married with 4 kids has lived in the US for 15 years. But she has not forgotten about Nigeria.

Ikorodu born Hajia Noimot Adejumoke Ojuolape is very fashionable and stylish too. She loves to look good all the time.
She has decided to take her passion for looking good to the next level. She is coming up soon with fashion business.
She has been happily married for the past 19 years.\

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