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Tinuola Olorunwo Steps Up Her Style

She is into a line of business that many women don't like to operate in because it's a  tough and rough terrain. She plays big in the sand mining business.

But Sand merchant Omotinuolawa Olorunwo is an easy going lady who is highly successful in her business. She is into sand mining, dredging and supply of sands at the various mining sites around Lagos and Ogun state.

She is a major sand supplier to construction companies in the 2 states. She is a registered contractor to the LASG.
She is also a Horticulturist and a registered one with the LASG. She is one of those maintaining some of the public gardens and walkways to help beautify the state.

Many do not know she is a former banker turned businesswoman. Shortly after she left banking, she travelled abroad for a while and came back home to start her own small scale business and she has made a huge success of it.

She is fashionable and stylish in her dressing. She is blessed with a lovely figure that makes her outfits to sit well on her.
She is deeply religious. And she has been brought up in a strict  Christian family.No wonder she is highly principled and focused in her ways.

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