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Bukola Awotedu is one of the leading Makeup artistes in Nigeria. Since she returned to Lagos from London where she was based for years, her services have been in hot demand. Not only that. She has rocked the beauty industry with her products.
Recently, this pretty lady spoke to City People Online Fashion & Beauty Magazine about her success story in the makeup industry.

You’ve been back in Nigeria now for a few years now. How has it been running your Makeup business?

It’s been good, an eye opener and I have a better understanding of the market and its demand. Of course it's very challenging,  as with every other business..but makeup is where my passion is and we continue to push for better and top quality products and services.

How has your company been able to be different from the pack?

We conduct extensive research before we release a new product. This has given us an edge. Our products are high quality and affordable. We always have to explain to people we are not an international brand. You walk into our store and you meet highly trained and skilled professionals who attend to you and ensure you get the best products and services.

Having trained abroad, I try to maintain good customer service,I personally train our staff. Good customer service is one of the things that sets us apart and our fantastic range of products.

What is the state of the industry you met and how did you settle in?

I was quite impressed with the growth of the makeup and beauty industry.  We've come far but yet have a long way to go. Makeup will continue to evolve and as a Beauty Professional & Manufacturer I won’t say I’ve completely settled in.. It’s still a learning and growth process.

What are the services you offer clients?

At Ease Cosmetics we sell our range of Makeup, Beauty & Hair Products, Maradarah Makeup & Beauty. We offer the following services, makeup artistry, brow & lash treatment, training.
Maradarah Ltd provides makeup and beauty services. Ease Cosmetics is a subsidiary of Maradarah.

What are the mistakes ladies make with their makeup?

Excessive makeup. The secret to good makeup is flawless blending and women should always remember that less is more.

Tell us a bit about Bukola Awotedu. Are you a trained Beautician?

Yes. I’m a trained Beauty Professional.  I have HND in Hair and Media Makeup. And also several professional beauty certificates.

How can a lady choose the right makeup?
Understanding your skin tone and what's suitable for it. You can do this with the help of a professional.

Why did you choose this line of business?

It’s something I had always wanted to do from a young age. I love colours and from a young age I made people look beautiful. Like helping friends apply powder or shapen their brows. I felt the need to train and get better so I enrolled into a makeup school 10 years ago and  now we have a Beauty Expert and Makeup Manufacturer.

What is the future of this industry?
The beauty industry will continue to grow at a very steady pace.thanks to escalating denand on cosmetic products. 

I also think the beauty industry, in combination with science, will develop products and services that will boost our confidence.

Why should ladies take their makeup seriously?
Well, I wouldn't say take Makeup seriously, but I would say women should put an effort into looking good, at all times, which starts with a beautiful smile.. they say that's the best makeup. Personally, I put a lot of effort and precision into doing my makeup some mornings.

I don't do it to impress anyone but for myself as it gives me an extra confidence boost which is needed once in a while. Makeup corrects things we cant correct by ourselves .. if for example, you have dark circles, a little concealer and foundation can change the droopy eyes to looking alert and awake. 

Makeup is a way of being expressive and sometimes reveals your personality.

you see a lady wearing Ease Cosmetics Matte Red lip gloss  paired with Ease eyeshadow and blush .. you can tell she is classy because her look has revealed her personality

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