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The Exciting World of Elizabeth Omolade Bakare-Ibe

Elizabeth Omolade Bakare-Ibe is a pretty and delectable Lagos celebrity woman. She is the President of Ikeja Metro Lions Club, which is one of the very active chapters of the International Association of Lions Clubs (District 404B2 Nigeria). She was installed as their new President on Saturday 10th November 2018. Lion Elizabeth Omolade Ibe, and other club officers were installed at a grand presentation ceremony. 

In this interview with City People Online, she spoke about her life. She is the Founder of Omolade Women Empowerment Foundation (OWEF) a Foundation that is an initiative of Women In Broken Homes. It deals with Women & Youths, Singles aspiring a divine home. She is also the MD of Nitabels Innovations which comprises of Nitabels Travels & Tours, (Travel Consultant) and a Realtor company which is into sale of land and properties. Below are excerpts of her interview.

How do you feel now about your new role in Lions Club?.
I feel good, I feel great. I feel honoured. 


Lion is a platform where everyone is giving an opportunity to experience what I am experiencing today. It’s a yearly thing. I came in a few years back. 

I joined around 6 years ago. I joined when I was in Federal Polytechnic, Ado Ekiti as a Leo member. Then, I moved on to be a full member of Lions Club and here I am as the Club President. It is really a wonderful platform that will make you feel honoured through the recognition of every one of our members and we look forward to every one of us becoming a potential leader in the nearest future.

As you are coming in now, what are your plans and programmes?

We are one big family, as club members we intend to encourage other club members. There are some who say No; they don’t want to get involved. 

They just want to be floor members I went to encourage to be involved more. I love teamwork. I love other Exco Members, and floor members coming together as one, under the same umbrella to help humanity, making them know and feel important that they can do it. There is no, I can’t, in our dictionary.

Once you are a member, you are part of the family. You just have to have the mind of Teamwork that you too one day will be a President and you should start working towards that from now.

At the time you joined what was the attraction?

I joined became I love helping others, especially helping the less privileged. We have many less privileged who are looking up to others. In the past, some people who have the means helped those who didn’t have to because somebody in life. I have a passion for helping the less privileged that why I joined the Lions Club.

What is Lions Club all about?

The Lions in Lions Club means Liberty, Integrity, Nations Safety. We stand for all these. We stand for Integrity, Liberty and we want everybody in our community to be part of this storyline.

It is an international organization. The founder of Lions Club is Melvin Jones. It started from the USA. We have Lions Club in almost all the countries of the world. I saw the Lions Club in Uganda. When I went. I am happy to be part of the Lions Club because we have a vision for the community.

We care for our community. We want everybody to come up and be part of everything that we do Monthly. We do monthly projects. We have to look for one way or the other, how we can be of benefit or advantage to your community.

What has Ikeja Metro Lions Club been able to do so far?

Each Lionistic year starts in July. 1st to June the next year. So far, we have gone to schools to train them on getting acquainted with reading books. We have found out that in this part of the world, most people run away from reading books. 

So we went to enlighten them that if they want to be the leader of tomorrow, they must read now. They must read their books. We told them the benefits and the bad sides.

We went to one health centre in Oregun in July 2018 to talk about the Environment. How to keep our environment clean. That is on Hygiene. You need to be clean. Wash your hands. Take care of your environment. Health is Wealth. Be a clean person. We gave them tall on that. We also went to an orphanage home recently to give them talks on how to maintain their eyes. That was on Vision & Sight.

Recently, we shared fliers still on how to maintain your eyes at Ikeja under bridge our concentration before then was on the youth at the Hossana Home that we went. This time around, we went out there to meet both the old, the young, men and women and we enlightened them on the same topic.

We recently held one of our projects called Feeding the Hunger, whereby we come together in the community, bring foodstuff to the less privileged.  So from time to time, we feed the hungry because a hungry man is an angry man. We give them raw food, sometimes we give them money to encourage them. We have also done Youth Empowerment on how to make soap, handcraft and for then to be able to later for themselves.

Let’s talk about Lion Elizabeth Omolade Ibe. What kind of a person is she?

At times, I can be shy. It depends on my mood. At times, I can be jovial, or funny. I am married to Engr Ibe and I have 2 lovely kids, 2 girls. I just recently resigned from my previous job where I spent 21 years. I went on to do my own thing. I am from Ogun State. I am from Ipara-Remo, Ijebu Remo. Most people see me and think I am Igbo and some even go on to call me Ngozi. No, I am not. I am Omolade Elizabeth. I am an Ijebu woman.

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