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Otunba Bimbo Ashiru's Style Statements

Everybody knows that Otunba Bimbo Ashiru, the former 2 term Ogun Commissioner for Commerce and Industry is a good dresser. Anytime he dresses to work or steps into a party he usually looks on point.
Be it in Suit or native he looks good and classy in his outfits. He likes to look complete in his dressing from head to toe. His fabrics for his natives are usually good quality fabrics. They come in high quality Wool and Cotton. And his agbadas are richly embroidered. In his natives, he reflects his Ijebu heritage. Even his caps reflect this too. He took after his dad Pa Adeyemi Ashiru, one of the grand old men who dominated Ijebu produce, commerce and trade in those good old days. He was a respected Tax Collector. He wears the best suits. As a celebrated experienced banker, he loves dark colours for his suits. And they sit well on him. Where does he get his suits? "I get them in London, "he says.”I have been using the same suit shop in London for over 20years ".  He likes good wristwatches. He wears Rolex & Cartier. He loves good shoes too. His former boss used to commend his dressing when he was still in government because he would always look complete with his pocket square in place. He is one gentleman who pays great attention to what he wears anytime any day.  When he went into government he adopted the wearing of  Adire fabrics and he was always looking stylish in them.
If you call him a man of great style you will be damn correct. He is surely one as these photos show.....

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