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Ladies Etiquette WIth JANET ADETU: What’s In Your Bag? (Part 2)

Yes, you carry a bag each day to hold your prized possessions. 

Are you a victim of carrying too much?
Do you prune your bag regularly and offset what you do not need?
Do you add to your bag contents piling it up each time?
Do you consider yourself a lightweight person?
Do you carry baggage on your shoulders?
Let me continue with my ideas on what creates an overweight bag.

E. Makeup Purse

It is a good idea to have a separate purse where you keep your little touch-up set when it comes to make up grooming. If this bag contains just about four or five items then this is fine. The challenge arises when you carry your entire makeup gear and place in your handbag to be carried around all day. If you are very meticulous about your appearance your makeup set will be large. The best strategies is to keep this large set in a separated bag that holds other miscellaneous but important items to reduce unnecessary load and weight on your shoulders.

F. Extra Gadgets

You may love to listen to music especially on long distance journeys. Perhaps you prefer to listen to audio books on a kindle? All these extra gadgets though very good will create that overloaded bag. The smaller the gadget the better but more importantly a larger sized handbag will prevent things from seaping out of the edges of your cute handbag. It is one thing to be overloaded with weight and another for it to not be compactly packed. Your image once again is seen by how you present yourself daily.

Too many pens

Just as it is important to carry an extra pen in your bag for many justifies reasons, by the time you are carrying six pens and more this is too much for your handbag. Avoid making your handbag a junk yard. Carry extra pens in other bags or in the car as the case maybe.


Your sunglasses are a must to be in your bag but I would prefer you keep them in your miscellaneous bag alongside your makeup. Some sunglass cases are so chunky and bulky that it may pose a struggle and obstruction in your everyday handbag.

Oversized purse or wallet

These are the days of a cashless society where the neeed to carry large sums of money meaning a large number of notes is not necessary. Today some people still feel the need to carry a large purse that will hold all the notes and the bank cards too. From experience it is safer not to keep the two together. Your wallet or purse contains so many valuables, extra caution is need to keep it safe and sound. Try to reduce the contents of your purse or wallet by regularly auditing it for old receipts, papers, business cards and more. Keep barest minimal cash and follow the trend go cashless.

Too many Keys

Your work bag is incomplete without your keys whether they are for the office, home, store, car you name it. Keys also come in a bunch made of metal fabric. Where the keys are so many this creates instant weight for your bag. A briefcase will have compartments where it is easier to keep such keys. A handbag also has compartments but depending on the size of the bunch or bunches this can easily disfigure your bag or create that illusion of heaviness when you carry it. Once again that little extra miscellaneous bag works well for your bunch of keys. To avoid having to look for this bunch of keys each time it is needed I prefer to have another little purse strictly for my keys, life made simple.

The ideal bag.

Your ideal work bag should include an adequate amount of important items. This list is not conclusive and does not in anyway suggest that all the items should be included, pick those that you feel will work for you, this can change according to the day, occasion, your mood.
i. Business Card Holder with Cards
ii. A quality Pen (plus one extra)
iii. Reading Glasses
iv. Table Bag Holder
v. Purse or Wallet
vi. Phone.
vii. ID Card or Driving license
viii. Toiletry Purse (containing sanitizer/handkerchief/ mini hand cream)
x. Mini Dairy
xi. Mint Sweets
xii. Small set of Keys ( Not more that 3)
xiii. Extra Earings or Cufflinks
xiv. Minimal Money & Bank Card

Holding Your bag

Finally the way your posture is presented depends on how you hold your bag. It is important it is not too heavy for many health reasons. The first impact is your back which has also been known to lead to chest pains. Your perfect handbag is held on you left arm not shoulder. Carry your bag using the smaller handle even when the long handle has been provided. Keep your right hand free alwasys.
Share your experience with me: janet.adetu@jsketiquetteconsortium.com
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