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Why Colour Red Will Help Your Dressing


The colour red; what does it mean to you?

Not many would lean towards wearing the colour red, some see red as synonymous to danger, fire, anger or something serious while others glow radiantly when wearing red.  Personally, I have been told that the colour really does sit amazingly against the colour of my skin so much so that over time I have gradually come to that conclusion myself. 

Colour impacts people in different ways, it is seen as the most potent force of communication. Within seconds of seeing you, people will respond to the colour messages flashed by your clothes. Colour has the ability to play on hormones, blood pressure, body temperature, and emotions. 

Significantly red speaks to many positive things like authority, strength, power, courage, confidence, intensity and more. There is a spontaneous attraction to the colour red that draws attention both positively and if you may negatively too.

From scarlet red to ruby, tomato, cherry or crimson red the shade really does not matter it does depend on where and how you wear it correctly. 

In choosing your corporate red you will lean away from the very bright range to the more subtle toned down almost wine shades. A red suit on a normal working day will turn heads if you are in a formal environment. The entertainment or creative arts industry maybe more lenient in accepting of this.

In the corporate world the dominance of a man is seen when a touch of red is seen most times in the tie, pocket square, bow tie or cufflinks. Ladies on the other hand have a lot more freedom and choices. A woman of substance shows her dominant presence when stepping out in a red suit, dress, jacket or shoes. 

As a woman red emits radiance that does not go unnoticed especially when worn on the lips or nails. Though let us analyze once again, within an office setting wearing red appropriately is acceptable in some industries except it goes totally against the corporate colours of the organization or profession. 

The best way to appear radiant and not shouting is to wear red as an accessory for instance in the earrings, handbag, shoes or scarf. This would appear as a complimentary colour over a dominant colour like black. 

In using red for the purpose of corporate d├ęcor is understandable when this depicts clearly the corporate colours of the organization. An element of caution is also important here to accommodate the various psychological ways people view the colour red. Once again playing with complimentary colours like silver, white or black will tone down the radiance and promote an ambience that is clean and serene.

Important qualities of wearing colour in the office

Colour tends to play a secondary place for many when choosing what to wear to the office. No matter how glamorous the outfit you will need to take a stop check and reconsider whether the outfit and colour are appropriate for the location, occasion, time of year, in question. Red is considered good for formal speeches, presentations or networking gatherings to appear authoritative, command attention and leadership.

Age, Shape, and Size
Everybody wants to look youthful and young at heart, however, colour can downplay your looks if not worn well. Yes in choosing colour some people can already tell those colours that make them look drained and those that lift them. 

The best way to tell is to look at colour against your skin, hair and eye colours to see if it makes you look brighter or duller in normal daylight.Your body proportions can be enhanced or reduced also based choice of colour. Red tends to have a neutral effect on the body so will neither make you look bigger or slimmer. 

A touch of black on the other hand scientifically has the power to help someone look slimmer. Avoid light colours when the body size is large.

Personality and Confidence
Colour when matched well can exert confidence and bring out ones true personality. Red worn as a tie or stylish dress speaks volumes. It says a lot about the personality of the individual. Presence and aura is eminent in wearing the colour red usually best placed for corporate settings. 

Less is more in wearing colour, it is important not to colour clash when stepping out. Coordinate your colours that send the right message about you. Understand colour psychology to your advantage to give the appearance of sophistication, intelligence, trustworthiness, class and elegance.

Friendliness & Courtesy
The way you are dressed says a lot about who you are. Respect and courtesy starts from you, believe it or not right from your dressence. The coours you choose to wear reflects how approachable you want others to perceive you as. When you are courteous you will begin to have a friendly nature the revre applies otherwise. Red has a sense of authority but can be inviting too, practice the balancing act.

Natural Authentic Style
Ultimately try as much as possible to be yourself and live your own life. Not everything good on someone else may work for you. Discover your own style, your signature look and be authentic about it. If red works for you, others will tell you too. Style is eternal set your own legacy and transform your potential. 

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