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The Etiquette Of Choosing A Wedding Gown

The wedding day for any bride to be is a dream come true, many women fantasize the big day with their dream spouse. Today weddings are outdoing themselves, from the destination or venue to the color scheme, the theme, the d├ęcor the style of the bridal train and most importantly the gown. This is a special month as we congratulate the newest royal couple in town wishing both Megan and Harry a happy married life. What a spectacular wedding fit for a king and queen.

For the bride to be the day is a treasured memorable day as the bride is the spectacle that everyone wants to see, she is easily the focus of attention that day along with her beau of course. The day brings emotions, fun, excitement and love for the families involved, just as it requires a huge amount of team work for the planning despite how big or small the ceremony will be. 

The Wedding Gown is easily the most important planning segment for the bride along with many other important aspects of the wedding ceremony. Wedding gowns today are trending in all styles, colours, fabrics and designs so much creativity in the world of fashion. The range is numerous, from the short classic suit like gown to the simple and elegant evening dress to the long flowing princess gown with its train and veil, all to bring a little magic to the occasion. 

It is not all about the glamour though, some brides prefer something not too loud or flashy because they know they are still going to change that evening into something more glamorous or they are just not the flamboyant type.

The entire ordeal of choosing a wedding gown for that special day is not a one minute exercise; it is an aspect of the wedding that if not taken seriously can sabotage the whole ceremony. 

Just as you sit to choose the theme, the color of the day, the cake, the bridal train outfit, even more, effort and energy is needed to choose the gown too. I have written a few everyday strategies to remember when you find yourself as a bride to be in the position of looking for your prized wedding gown.

Choose your Wedding Date

Just as you have announced your engagement and you are so excited you will need to set a potential or fixed wedding date. This is considered one of the first crucial things to do to set yourself in the tone for the marriage. 

It could be a year or three months from the engagement date but knowing the date of your wedding will help you pace yourself and set time for working towards the big day.

Choose the Wedding Theme

As much as it is not a must to choose a specific wedding theme, the idea of how big or small you desire your wedding day to be will determine how elaborate your gown will be. A simple registry marriage may not require a flamboyant gown but again all is determined by choice. 

The theme will also help you to determine the kind of budget you may be looking at in totality, must especially the flow of the wedding.

Choose the Wedding Gown Budget

The wedding ceremony and celebration is usually one that entails a lot of financial commitment. It does not matter how conservative you choose the wedding to be. It will still cost a little more than normal. It is important to have a budget for your own gown as a guide so that you do not overshoot on the entire wedding budget.

Research a little on various gowns to get an idea of their cost range. You may also have a budget that can be fixed to suit your pocket. Naturally, the fabric, the flow and the fashion style will set the tone for the right wedding gown and the overall cost.

Choose to Buy or Bespoke

The next most important thing to do is decide whether you want to buy your wedding gown from a wedding store, online, or you prefer to have a designer customize your dress all for you. Word of mouth can help a lot in choosing where to buy likewise choosing that wedding gown designer to use. 

Buying your dress will clearly save you the time of going back and forth with a designer and you can immediately see what you are investing in. Be mindful if ordering a dress online by choosing your correct size.

Choose an Appointment Date

Whether you decide to buy your wedding gown off the shelf or have a designer make your customized gown, it is important to set a day aside and leave it fully open for wedding gown shopping. Be open-minded and set that appointment with the wedding consultant, to try on as many gowns or view as many designs that day. 
Keep to your appointment once made, it is preferable you make it a morning appointment to stay fresh and flexible with your ideas. Make the most out of your day and the best out of your decision.

Choose to take someone along

Wedding gown shopping is tedious; it is easier when you take a friend or family member or two of them with you. Some people are known to take the entire bridesmaid train along so that they can choose their dresses too. Be cautious not to have too many decision-makers in choosing the best gown for you to avoid unnecessary confusion. As much as mums can be out of your fashion league they tend to offer great advice. Never go along with your husband to be,

Choose the Right White

Traditionally wedding gowns range from brilliant white to off white, pearl, cream, baby pink, or yellow and more,choose the color that best fits the color of your skin, eyes, and hair. Choose what makes you feel comfortable, happy and fabulous. 

Color plays an important part in your gown and the occasion. Psychologically the color of your gown shows the purity of the wedding ceremony; more importantly, how you stand out that day irrespective of the style is all dependent on the color. 

Be careful how you choose the color of your bridesmaid’s dresses so that they do not overshadow you.I recently attended a wedding where the bridesmaids also wore white alongside the bride, it truly played the brides appearance down and sabotaged her image.

Choose fit or style

The wedding gown must fit you comfortably, not too tight not too loose, not too long or certainly not too short. Beware of bareback dresses that will reveal obvious bare skin. Follow the guide lines of the church your  intend wedding in, choose that style that speaks to who you are and your fashion sense. Choose a style that is timeless; classical,elegant, flamboyant, chic or simple as you deem fit.

Choose your Collection Date 

When to collect or have your gown delivered should be close to the wedding date for great quality.  Besides the gown will be kept efficiently for that big day. The same applies to the outfits of the groom and the bridal train if you can. When the gown is finally with you decide precisely where you want it to be stored. Look after your wedding gown well.

Good luck in advance
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