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I Pay A Lot Of Attention To My Dressing --OVATION Publisher, Chief Dele Momodu

 Publisher Dele Momodu has revealed why he pays a lot of attention to his dressing. Bob Dee as he is fondly called told City People Online that he loves to look good all the time.

You have your own unique style Can you tell me what determines what you wear to parties?
Can you also tell me what informs your choice of shoes, wristwatch and perfume?
You seem to wear more of Kaftans than Agbada. I usually don't see you in suits?
Those were the questions we asked him and he revealed a lot about his fashion and Style.

Let me confess, I've always been a shoe freak even as a little boy growing up in the ancient town of Ile-Ife. Our best designers then were BATA and LENNARDS which my father struggled to buy for me as school sandals or Christmas gift. Many years later, I discovered very good shoes during my first trip to England in 1985, I was 25, and I fell in love with Bally shoes. I later discovered Russell & BromleyMoreschiGucciLouis VuittonRalph Lauren, and others. I love soft leathers and very comfortable shoes.
As for wristwatches, I'm not too expensive since I have greater responsibilities with running a tough business, maintaining a good family with huge responsibilities, demands from friends and associates, I don't indulge in excessive materialism. Chief MKO Abiola gave me my first gold wristwatch while Ambassador Deinde Fernandez once ordered me an expensive wristwatch when he invited me to lunch in EdinburghScotland, and inscribed my name on it as well as his. I'm ok in anything God has made possible.
As for perfumes, I love to smell good, I hate dirty men and women smelling like he-goats, but I'm old fashioned. I discovered Aramis Concentree from Chief MKO Abiola, which I wear till this day. Aramis is common but not the Concentree which I now get to buy at Edgar's in South Africa. The Aramis agents often phone or email me when they have new stocks. Aramis is an inspirational perfume and it takes me back to that time Daddy, Chief Abiola was here with us.
I love Must de Cartier which is also not common these days but I get every now and then at duty-free shops in London Heathrow. I've tried so different perfumes, AmouageParco RabanneCreedAzzaroGrey Flannels, Kuoros, Eternity, Safari, Polo, and many others. I love strong deodorants and antiperspirant by Aramis plus good natural soaps from Body Shop.
I wear Buba and Sokoto and Kaftans more than other styles. I find Agbada too ceremonial and cumbersome but I wear the full regalia on special occasions. It is painfully beautiful because of the excruciating heat in Africa. I don't wear suits a lot but I love when I do. I look fresh and young and I have loads in Nigeria and London.
If you've noticed Bob Dee likes to brand his outfits with the OV label coined from OVATION Magazine.
He is a good advertisement for his brand as he carries it well.

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