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Tobi Ayodele-Keeney is the pretty daughter of Chief Mrs. Quincy Ayodele, the founder of Quincy Herbal Slimmers. A few years back, she took over the running of the global brand and this interview with City People Online she reveals how she has been able to make changes with the Quincy brand.

How does it feel stepping into your mummy’s shoes as MD, CEO of Quincy Herbals?
It is definitely a big challenge, however a very good one.  I am glad for the awesome platform, policies, and foundation she has laid down. It is making it much easier for me to achieve than when she first pioneered modern herbal medicine in Nigeria over 20 years ago.  I am glad and feel very blessed to be handed such an opportunity
What is your sister's role in the organisation?
My sister is pretty much my partner in crime in almost everything. Our husbands are also very involved in the business as it has always been a family affair.  My sister is very good with administration, strategy and ensuring a seamless process flow of the daily running of the establishment.

There is a new sister company of yours called Juli Jon Foods. What is it all about?
Juli-Jon Foods are our sister company dedicated to producing healthy alternatives to our high starch swallows and white rice.  We just introduced a new product into the market called Acha Poundo.  It made from an indigenous grain found in Nigeria, has a delicious taste, a familiar texture and will not raise blood sugar making it very suitable for people with diabetes.  It also helps to lower cholesterol, very easy to digest, naturally fortified with vitamins, amino acids and fibre and can be enjoyed by people of all ages and with any soup or stews.
What are the lessons you’ve learned from your mum? What is her new role now in Quincy?
I have learned from her that whatever is worth doing at all is worth doing well.  Simplicity costs you nothing but buys you everything.  For every disease, there is a cure in nature you just have to find it.  Finally, prayer works. She is still very actively involved in the business especially in an advisory and guidance role.
Since you took over the running of Quincy Herbals how have you been able to move it forward?
I had started making changes way before I publicly took over.  We rebranded that company about years ago and gave it a total makeover.  We also went from a purely serviced based company to one that offered individual skin care and weight loss products for sale.  With that, we are able to push the brand into the international market

and started selling our products on the global market places of Amazon.com.  over the past years of doing so, we found favor, and have been featured on TV and in the Oscars and Grammys for top celebrities.  We also introduced Quincy’s Kitchen, a healthy food catering service for people to get Nigerian centered healthy, tasty meals that can still make them achieve weight loss and clear skin.

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