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Celebrating LAGOS Businesswoman YETUNDE GBENUSI

Weeks after her birthday party, a lot of people are still talking about it. They are talking about the birthday of successful Lagos businesswoman Yetunde Gbenusi.

A few weeks back Yetunde celebrated her birthday in a big way. It was classy and nice. That is to be expected. She is a lady of Style and Class. She has a lot to celebrate about. She is an accomplished entrepreneur. She is also a role model for many other young ladies who have now realized that hard work pays.

Of course, her party was well attended by good quality guests. Her friends were there too. All her friends rallied around her to celebrate the lady who they described as a very good woman and a very nice person.

Citypeople Online also celebrates this very hard working lady who is highly focused. A few months back , she received a special award in business from Citypeople Magazine. It is an award of excellence for her remarkable performance in the world of business.

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