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Come to think about it, at what times to do you nourish like a King, Prince or Peasant?
Eat breakfast like a King, Lunch like a Prince and dinner like a Peasant! The nutritionally savvy are very familiar with this saying.
This is also a very useful Weight Management Tool -you remember how we have discussed not eating heavy meals or late at night.
·           Eat larger meals earlier in the day. The body will have all day to burn the calories.
·           Dinner should be your smallest meal and should be mostly protein with some complex carbohydrates.
 Living in a city like Lagos where we literally get to the office ‘red-eyed’- leaving home at 5am to beat the traffic of getting into Lagos Island; alarm goes off an hour before that. How does having a Kingly breakfast spread fit into the picture you are wondering?
For those of us who are trying to lose weight, we also figure three square meals definitely should not feature in the equation, since we are counting calories or in ‘starvation’ mode to be able to fit into that dress!
 Missing meals increase the likelihood of blood-sugar level dips, which might lead to other health challenges.
I see sense in all those hotels who include breakfast in your bookings when you are on vacation or on a business trip. And hmmmm……we all enjoy the lavish Kingly spread well presented at the buffet table. You just have a lot of energy to expend throughout the day after the very gratifying experience.

A kingly spread at 9 or 10pm after wading through Lagos traffic is not advisable, it will lead to weight gain since the body does not use the energy in the food and it is consequently stored as fat.
Make the right choices, have a royal breakfast and then eat less later on in the day. Make a conscious effort to taper your calorie intake.
I wish you Optimum Health and Well- Being!!!
IG- arinolaadeniyi

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