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Why Magnetic Elegance Designs Are In Hot Demand


Right now in Lagos, Magnetic Elegance, has become the  buzzword on the lips  of most big babes, especially on the island. This because of the exquisite designs coming out of this top notch fashion house.

So good are the designs that each time ladies wearing magnetic  elegance outfits step out at functions, they get asked who their designer is.

We can tell you about the beautiful lady behind the fashion label. She is a young and creative designer called Olaitan Olubi. She is the Creative Director at Magnetic Elegance Clothing Line in Lekki, Lagos.

How did she coin that brand name called Magnetic Elegance, Citypeople asked her a few days ago.

"It is actually my identity," she explained."What happened was that every time I went for a function, it was always about  my magnetic elegance. It was like elegance that attracts. So, when I was coming up with a name for my business I literally thought of myself, that it has to be something that is stunning, that is attractive. Everybody gets to asks you: what are you wearing? You look really nice, who is your designer? Who styled you? Who designed your dress?

So, I thought about it. What’s the best way to represent this feeling? What's the name that will best convey this brand? And I just thought about it, Elegance that attracts.
"I am not trying to blow my own trumpet. But I know i am elegant." We asked her at what stage is her brand now. She smiled.

“Let me tell you this. Magnetic Elegance is on the verge of crossing over to Couture. This is because my dream in fashion designing is I have always wanted to be the 1st Couture designer in Nigeria. I have always felt if anything, I will like to make that happen for Nigeria, because I really don't do ready-to-wear. I do custom bespoke."

"At this stage of the brand, having passed through 5 years and still growing, God willing, I am going to try to take it to the next stage whereby, learn about Couture processing of dresses."
What kind of clients does she cater for? The upwardly mobile,the Elites. We cater to brides, majorly, for their wedding dresses and reception dresses. We do aso ebi. We custom-make your aso ebi as well. We try to take it away from the conventional look to the Magnetic look. We do a lot more to transform our clients "

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