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Why I love Chandelier Earrings - Adunni

Hey ladies, welcome to Adunni's world of fashion and spice.Today am going to talking about my choice of earrings yippee.

Earrings are part of a woman's dressing. It completes the total look and also brings out d beauty of the face.

Adunni's taste when it comes to earring is so different I tell you.

My kind of earrings are called Chandelier earrings and it's also from Brazil. These earrings are handmade from beginning to end I tell you. It's so glamorous and most times when you see it on ladies you just want to take a second look at it.

Chandelier earrings can also be worn even without so much dressing up because the earring itself is big and eye catching. These earrings are not common at all and are so unique trust me.They also come in different sizes because not everyone likes to loud.

So that's  it about Adunni's choice of earring.



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