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Why I Am Still In Love With My Wife, SHADE, 20 Yrs After - ELEGANZA BOSS, ALHAJI RAZAK OKOYA Tells City People

Dr. Shade Okoya, the pretty wife of Eleganza boss, Alhaji Rasaq Okoya is in a happy mood right now. She is in double celebration. She is celebrating her 42nd birthday and also their 20th wedding anniversary.

How does her husband feel about her, many years after, City People asked him, not too long ago. “I feel very happy”, he said excitedly. “I feel very happy for her. We have been together for about 20 years. She has been a very good wife, honest, straight forward, and hardworking. She takes good care of the home.

She runs it well. I just walk in and walk out. I don’t know how she runs it. She is very hard working. She goes to the factory every day. Before 7am, she will wake up and do her duties and she will get to the factory by 9am. And she won’t leave THE factory until 6.30pm or 7pm”.

“She works throughout the day. She is hard working. That is what encouraged me to set up our new factory at Ajah and work more on the factory.”

How does he take the fact that his wife is passionate about Manufacturing? How did he get her interested in the factories?

“Like I told you, I am 79. My interest is not as keen as it used to be on manufacturing, like her own interest is. But because of her own interest, daily contributions and hard work and the fact that she goes to the factory every day, that is why we keep on expanding and we have so many products. Not only that.

We have a lot of staff. The factory is on about thirty something plots or hectares. It is huge. It is fully developed. Please pay a visit there. Come and see it yourself. The quality of our products is high quality, comparable with any standard in the world”.

How has he been able to maintain his young look at close to 80?

“Its God’s doing”, he says. “And the role and help of my wife, Shade.
 When you have a happy home, you come home faithfully. You do your job with happiness, and nothing worries you. I eat well. I sleep well. I am relaxed. I do my exercise. I swim. I take a walk round my estate. I don’t envy anybody. 

I am okay with the little, God has given me. I don’t hustle for what I can’t get. I don’t look for cheap money.” “I don’t hustle for contracts. I take life easy. I take each day as it comes. I leave the rest to God to take control. You will be happy. You will live a life free of troubles.”

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