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Why I Am So Passionate About FOREVER LIVING PRODUCTS • 75 Year Old Wellness Coach, SUSAN OYEMADE Tells CITY PEOPLE Her Story

When you meet Mrs. Susan Oyemade for the very first time you will be astounded at how fit she looks at 75. She not only looks fit, but she is also strong. She is blessed with a smooth tender and radiant naturally light skin. Her skin glows like that of a new born baby. She has got no wrinkles that comes with old age. Her hair is naturally jet black.
Her thinking is tip top. She is still mentally alert. Her power of recall is in top form. She reads without glasses. Although she had once worn medicated reading glasses, she has since gone off it. She is so strong that she is usually on her feet for hours on end at lecture circuits all over the world. She is a global speaker. She is a an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach.
That Mama Susan Oyemade has been able to live this kind of good life is because of Gods Grace and her decision to live a healthy life, based on a commitment to Forever Living products. She is lives a very active life. She is a good advertisement for what she does for a living. Anywhere she is and anywhere she goes, she delivers The Gospel of Forever Living. It is a fulfilling lifestyle that has worked for her. It is a life style that has worked for all those she has introduced to Forever Living.
She brought Forever Living to Nigeria in 2000. She will tell you Forever is a vehicle to Wellness and abundance through Network Marketing. Not only has she represented Forever in Nigeria for the past 18 years, she has retired as MD/CEO and has become a Diamond Manager at Forever. This is the very top in the global companies ranking.
Interesting, she stumbled on Forever Living by chance. She had some health challenges and travelled to the UK where someone introduced her to Forever Living. Then, it wasn’t known in Nigeria. It was in 1995, she was big. She had a weight problem. She weighed 10kg. She wore a dress size of 22. She was sick with Migraine. She suffered Giddiness, Body Pain and Constipation. She was 47 at that time.
She got introduced to Forever Living in 1995 and her life changed and she chose to introduce it to the Nigerian market in year 2,000. Since then the forever business has grown extensively and has continued to dominate the sector in which it plays. “I call it Health & Wealth”, she explains. “The beauty of Forever Living is that it leads to a health lifestyle and state of wellbeing and it creates wealth for you. I am so passionate about Wellness.

You are what you eat. I am an advocate of good health. Many don’t know death begins in the colon”. She is an integrated nutrient coach, and a great Wellness coach at that. She is an Advocate of Organic Living. 

Mrs. Susan Oyemade will readily tell you she lives a life of Forever Living. And she depends on the several products of Forever Living. The company has a wide range of products made up of Personal Daily Needs, Beauty Products for Women, Skincare Products, Weight Loss & Weight Maintenance Products, Natural Herbal And Natural Supermarts, Products For Hospitality, At Home, At Parties, Tea, Gifts, Xmas Hampers, Arthritis Products and many others.
Uncer personal daily needs products is Toopaste, Balting Soap, Washing Up Liquid/Detergent, Hair Shampoo/Conditioner, Skincare Products, Shaving Cream, After Shave Lotion, Deodorant, Up Balm, Hand Sanitiser, Cosmetics, Sunsneen Spray/Cream, Perfume, Honey, Tea, and Energy Drink.
“What we are doing is to develop a Health Conscious Consumer Group and also to create a vibrant health and extra ordinary income, through team business”, she explained why I am so passionate about Forever is because it is a vehicle to wellness and abundance. I keep letting people that whatever yo u want in Forever is what you can get from vibrant health, rejuvenation to a healthy weight and even international travels. That is what Forever is all about. We have everything for Men & Women. What we are doing is to put into you what your body needs”. She is so passionate about Forever Living and she says it everywhere she goes. She markets more and more people everywhere she finds herself.
That explains why she has a huge followership all over the country. In appreciation, of the huge success she has recorded, she has consistently been giving back to society.
When she was 65, she built a school for inmates of Kirikiri Maximum Prison where they learn different crafts. She contributes to the Down Syndrome Foundation. Thats her pet project. She also supports other people that needs help.
For her its all about Wellness and Wealth.
She and other global leaders of Forever Living have created a huge group of Forever Business owners preaching the gospel of Forever Living. It is about Health and Wealth for all. “Many don’t know that our health is the greatest asset of our lives. It is about Network and Leverage through Team work. We have been able to create a club of wellness millionaires”.
The good thing about Forever is that Aloe Vera plays a key role in its product. It has Aloe Vera Gel, which is its No 1 product. It is also its best selling”
Now that she is Semi-retirement, how does get busy. “I still do a lot. I deliver lectures. I talk about Wellness all over the world. I write. I read books. I update my knowledge. We live in a knowledge economy. There is no dull moment. I preach to people about wellness and how to stay healthy.

They need to ear right. They need to avoid abusing their body. They need to know that death begins in the colon. We need to let men and women know that the need to keep a flat tummy. There are things they need to do. There are things they need to avoid,” she explains.

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