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It takes 21 days to make or break a habit’. New studies say its 66 days!
So, you have been on a healthier lifestyle path – exercise, eating intelligently, drinking more water, name it -daily good habits. You have been consistent. Really happy with yourself with the disciplined lifestyle you have mastered. Then, some fine day you have to catch with some friends, attend a function – party, cocktail, engagement…..fill in the gap. You deliberately had your lunch before going, so you will not be tempted to partake of the small chops, big chops, and everything that is served in between at our lavish parties including the liquid calories -alcohol, fizzy drinks etc. Your friends or family members give you that cliché - Just This Once will not ruin your diet!! You do not want to be a ‘wet blanket’ or anti -social, so you ‘socialize’ and you do not feel bad because you would burn off the calories when you exercise the next day anyway!

Week after week, virtually everyone you connect with will tell you ‘just this once does not matter! Then you eventually realize that you do not need that much coaxing to give in to ‘just this once!’ Just this once has now become your new normal!
Oh, do not get me wrong, we all enjoy our permissible indulgences - you have allowed yourself so many ‘just this once’ on your Birthday, on your spouses’ birthday, at your children’s’ birthday party (all four of them, ok, three!), your friend’s destination party, office party, summer holidays, giving in to some of your cravings, wedding cakes, sampling ice cream from the ice cream parlor that all kids and adults queue up to buy, desserts……
I am pondering, if it is worth undoing all the good you have engaged in, in the last few months to be on a healthy path. We all know that once we go on that route, it takes so long to get back on course.
Really, is craving or will power the culprit to blame for us being easily influenced to give in to the ‘just this once’ coaxing??
Of course, I get a lot of my own ‘just this once’ moments as well, but I am determined not to let them become my new normal. So please do not encourage my sweet tooth with your “Just this once does not matter!

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