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What Bashy Kuti Has In Common With His Wife, Bisi

The name is big in Ibadan. Just mention Bashy Kuti to any celebrity in Ibadan and you will be told he is a big designer who dresses well. He is a big ticket fashion designer who runs a big fashion brand called BKK. He is the designer of choice for many governors, senators, house of reps and other celebrities across naija.

He is also a big socialite. Many people know him. But only very few know his lovely wife, Bisi. We can tell you about her. Many people don't know that Bashy and his wife have a few things in common. lt is their love for fashion that further binds them together.

Bashy loves fabrics. He loves good fabrics. He loves to play with them. Fabrics inspire him. His wife loves fabrics too. She sells fabrics in Ibadan. She has a well-stocked fabric store at Gbagi market in Ibadan.
Both of them are trendy. They are stylish also.

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