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Aare Adetola EmmanuelKing, the Group Managing Director of Adron Homes and his lovely wife, Yeye Aare Aderonke have a lot in common that many don’t know. We can tell you that for free. They are both stylish and fashionable. They are both trendy. And they have come a long way, growing up as childhood friends in Ibadan. Both husband and wife work hand in hand to berth Adron Homes

Many don’t know that apart from God, Yeye Aare Aderonke is the major backbone of the Adron boss. She is brilliant. She is a deep thinker. And a problem solver. She is good with figures. She likes to work at the back end. Once she gets on her laptop, she does all she needs to do with a lot of brilliance. She works hard. She is also very creative. She is like her husband. She is an Executive Director at ADRON.

Their similarities have been translated to their dressing and outfits. Both are power dressers. The GMD of Adron is always on point, at any point in time. He has a good physique. He is well built so suits sit well on him. Whether he is in formal or native he looks good. And the same goes for his wife, Yeye Aare. Officially, Lemon is Adron’s colour. 

So, most times, Lemon reflects in the tie, shirts, socks or accessories of the GMD. But he is not restricted to Lemon alone. When he adorns natives he is even more stylishly dressed, from his cap to well embroidered Agbada, to sparkling designer shoes and his accessories. He also has a lovely way he shapes his beards that makes him look all the more handsome. He has Class and that reflects in his office and home and even his cars and estates. Everything about him has a touch of class to it.

How about madam? She is even more stylish. Call her a Style icon and you won’t be wrong. She has fashion & beauty secrets that has worked for her. She is blessed with a raw beauty that got her husband hooked to her years back. She is blessed with a flawless skin that glows. Inside sources also reveal that the GMD hardly decides on anything, officially, or unofficially, without seeking the suggestion of his wife. Do you know the meaning of Adron? It is coined out of the names Adetola and Ronke?

Many do not know that Olori Aderonke Omotola EmmanuelKing co-runs Adron Homes with her husband. Unknown to many, she is a co-founder and she has been a pillar of support. He does not hide it. He says it openly that apart from God, his wife is his pillar of support. When City People interviewed her not too long ago, we found her to be a very, very intelligent lady who shares a lot with her husband. She is pretty. Her husband is handsome. And they are both stylish too. 

“I was born in Ibadan”, she told City People. “I attended primary school back in Ibadan. My growing up years has been in Ibadan. I went to primary and secondary school there. I attended St. Theresas College. From there, I came to Lagos where I started my tertiary education. I went to Lagos State University  (LASU). I studied Accounting in LASU and from there I started working. While working I went for my Masters in UNILAG. In those days, I was working as a Banker. So while working as a Banker, I had to study Banking & Finance at the University of Lagos for my Masters”.

When she left banking what else did she go into?

“From Banking I came to Adron Homes. Whilst I was in the bank, my husband was running Adron Homes. Infact, I had to leave banking so that I could be actively involved in the running of Adron  Homes”.

How did she find the transition from Banking to real estate?
“It was seamless, because I wasn’t totally new to it. While in the bank, I was part and parcel of the company in a way, just that I wasn’t resuming 9 to 5pm in Adron Homes. But, from the beginning, right from the very first day of the company we were together doing it. The transition was seamless.”

How did she meet her husband? And what year was this?
“We grew up together in Ibadan and we we’ve known ourselves as kids. Even then, it was just as friends. It was Ade Boy and Ronke Girl. You know we were just little kids in the same neighbourhood in Ibadan. That was at Anfani area in Ibadan.”

“At a point, of course, everybody went their separate ways. We never even knew, in those days, nobody knew, not even us, not even our parents knew that we were going to become husband and wife. As God ordained it, somehow we became husband and wife. Looking back, it has been a wonderful journey together, by his grace. Its been over 10 years as Husband and wife.

To the glory of God, we always say it when we reflect back, we always say: Ah, our father, we thank you for this Union, because we have never known a better yesterday, or yestermonth or yesteryear. God did it for us. On the day of our wedding, my father-in-law said something notable that day. Something notable happened that day. It was April and I don’t think April is a raining period per se. But on that morning, the weather was so cold, we just had little drizzle. And it stopped and for the whole of the day, there was no scorching sun. There was no heat. There was no rain, everything was just calm”.

“The weather was serene and beautiful. My father-in-law said wow, this wedding is special and that God had ordained this day. Since that day, it has been wonderful”.

Can she tell us a bit about her husband? What sort of a person is he?
“He is a very, very focused person. He is a man of Wisdom. I really appreciate God, in him, for that. He is full of wisdom. He is generous to a fault. He is a man of the people. He is hardworking. He stresses himself for people. He is a good man.”

What were those striking things she noticed about him then that endeared her to him then?
“It dates back a long time. We started our relationship way back. When I was 5, he was 7. Then, in those early years, I couldn’t really say a lot about him then. We were small. All I can recollect is that he was a nice person. However, we came to meet again in1996

I was 19 and he was about 21. Then, we came to meet again after that break, as born-again Christians. That was what attracted us to each other. He fears God. And I equally fear God. I noticed then that he was a focused person. He is a dogged person. And he puts passion into everything he does. Even then, when we came together again on the platform of Christianity, he was very passionate about God. He will go for Village Evangelism.

He was very dogged. He is a man of passion. I noticed that in him, back in 1996, while he was not even working any where then. He was still in school.”
Both of them share a lot in common. She is beautiful. He is handsome. Both of are very fashionable. How did they achieve this feat?

(Smiles) “Some people have said so. That confirms what some people have said that this union is purely Gods choice. Nobody designed it that way. It is just coincidental, orchestrated by God, that this handsome man will be married to this beautiful lady and their products will be beautiful both physically and in every other way in life. Its Gods own design”.

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