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Yeah! yeah!! Easter is around the corner, what are your style plans as the season approaches?
Easter is always seen as a festival of new beginnings, and happiness.
The Easter weekend is usually full of activities, both religious and social. If you are a christian, I can assure you that the excitement of having a work-free long weekend will soon fizzle out once you wake up on "Good friday" morning.
Yes it's work free but it's activity-packed, but not a weekend that's so free, if you know what I mean.

You will be attending good Friday services, after which you are either sleeping, visiting friends, receiving guests or maybe seeing a movie on Saturday evening, attending the main resurrection service on Sunday and finally attending picnics on Easter Monday.

That was exactly how some of us grew up ! Busy busy weekend but we looked forward to it because it was always fun! fun! fun!
If you don't want to be clumsy or inappropriately dressed, you need to plan your outfit for these busy festive weekend, because good dress sense requires the ability to know what to wear, how to wear, when to wear & where to wear it to.

It's not when you are about to go out then you rush into your closet looking for what to wear. 

If you do not learn to plan your dressing , no matter how much pretty outfits and accessories you have, you will make a mess of it. Even the best of luxurious and expensive closets needs planning.

Below are my Easter weekend style guide!

This may not be perfect for everyone and it may not even work for some of you my readers, but im sure you will still find one or two useful tips here:

* GOOD FRIDAY, modest and beautiful:

For good Friday a light weight plain colored dress accessorize with conservative jewelry  that pulls your outfits together. Flats or comfortable pumps will be perfect.
Skirt suits, 

You do not need to box yourself into a sad mood,by wearing dark and dull attired, but ill advise on modesty, you can be wearing red and still be modest in your outlook.

*SATURDAY! colourful and relaxing ( style it according to how you plan to spend it)

*EASTER SUNDAY - Glam & Gorgeous! 

Easter Sunday celebration usually reflects blooming trees,fresh flowers of the spring, there's a feeling of new life, and victory so explore colors a that are bright and happy, like yellow,  pink, etc

Yippee it's celebration 🤣🤣🤣🤣He is risen !!!!!
So it's thanksgiving mode, so rock those aso ebi styles, your heavily embellished dresses and boubous, laces are good, DRESSES with exaggerated features and geles will rock the day! Its a good time to enjoy those jeweries that you have been keeping because you feel its too much for simple events.

In most places Easter is celebrated with much joy and gusto. However, most of these traditions have little to do with a christian celebration. Traditions like Easter egg hunt are older than Christianity itself. The Easter bunny is a symbol of fertility.

*EASTER MONDAY - Casual & Chic
Be casual , chic and comfy!
You need such items as, 

Shorts,, palazzos, Capri pants, jeans, rompers, playsuits, comfy aline mid-thigh lenght dress, lightweight straw hats with a wide brim, face-caps, sunglasses, flip flops or trainers, loafers, mules,  alter neck tops or dresses. Kimonos, batwing tops, etc

Floral fabrics with bright and vibrant colors like ankara will rock your fun day!
In all of these bear in mind that good fashion is majorly about being comfortable and sticking  to what works best for you.
With much love from me to you,  I remain
Your Style Duchess,
Temitope Olanre-Alade

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