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Queen Of Cosmetics, Alhaja Shine Shine, Talks About Her Success Story

Alhaja Shine Shine is one of the biggest Cosmetics traders in Nigeria.  She is a big importer of Cosmetics. She also produces her own line of products. She is the owner of Shineshine Cosmetics, a leading cosmetics brand. 

Every one simply calls her Alhaja Shine Shine, which is an alias. But her real name is Alhaja Modupeola Shukurat Abimbola Sanni. Beyond being a Cosmetic trader, Alhaja Shine Shine is also a Skin Care Advisor, a Cosmetic Formulator and a Success Businesswoman who deals in anything and everything Beauty. 

For very many years, she used to be a person that only sells Skin Care Products, of various lines, like Skin Success, Topifram and Clear Essence. Back then, people used to go to her to ask her what they can use to enhance their Complexion and Skin Tone. And she would recommend one thing or the other to them. 

How did she get the name Alhaja Shine Shine, City People asked her. Her daughter Oyindamola reveals a lot. 

“Aside selling Skin Care Products, she also sells Make-Up Products. One of it is Glitters, which used to be called Shineshine, back in the day. She would buy the Glitter, in bulk, and repack in little quantities. In the process of repacking, she would have a lot of Shineshine on her face and body and that is how people started calling her Shineshine. 

How did she learn about the Cosmetic Business? Did she train for it? She told City People that she didn’t have formal training in the Beauty Business.

City People gathered that she once went with one of her friends to Oprah Benson Beauty Institute to enroll for a Class, but she couldn’t push through, because of her busy schedules. So everything she knows is Self-taught and based on Precedent.

She learnt on the job, as she started visiting different countries to get the best products available for her Customers and Clients.

City People gathered that what made her popular is the high quality nature of her products. That is one thing that people know her for. The fact that she does not compromise on the quality of her products for a lesser one or cheaper one because of money. She carries only original brands. And that is why her name has stayed on top for years. She owns several shops around Lagos. Where is her shop located? It is at 76 Nnamdi Azikiwe Street on Lagos Island. 

She is also at Trade Fair Complex in Lagos. She is at Dupe Cosmetic Plaza, Enugu Plaza at International Trade Fair at Ojo Road in Lagos. She has always been on Lagos Island for years even though she has a space in Tejuosho Market. 

What has been her staying power in Business? 
How has she been able to sustain the business up till this point? “I pray a lot,” Alhaja Shine Shine explained. “I am someone that prays a lot. It’s God first, then hardwork. And I pay a lot of attention to my business. But God’s blessings is key, because if you are very hardworking, dedicated and focused you still need God. So, I will say it’s a lot of hard work, dedication, focus, being truthful, and humility.” 

A lot of people say she’s very humble. Is this true? “Well I don’t know ooo”. She explained. “I can’t assess myself ooo.  But all I know is I respect people a lot. Yet a lot of people say I am humble. That is the way I was brought up. That is my upbringing. Some say to my face. Some say it behind me”

City People can reveal that so humble is Alhaja Shine Shine that she relates with everyone as friends. According to her daughter, Oyindamola, “there are a lot of people younger than my mum that she calls her friends. She’s very large hearted.”  “She’s is a big giver. A huge one at that.” 

“She does not see any big deal in what she has been able to achieve in the Cosmetic Business. She always says that she would have contributed to the Skin Care Industry more than she’s doing now if only she were to be more educated.” 

Does she do only Wholesale or Retail?

“I do both”, Alhaja Shine Shine says. “We do Wholesale Retail”. She does private labels too. City People Online gathered that she’s currently rebranding.

The good thing about her business is that it is expanding by the day and she has brought in her only daughter, Oyindamola into the running of the business. She is an Esthetician (meaning a Beautician). 
She is currently in the U.S. She left for the U.S to learn more and to be able to give more, in terms of Skin Care. She wants to be more knowledgeable about Nature and the Beauty Business. One of her sons, who is also in the Beauty line, manages the perfume and fragrance part of the business.

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