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Popular Actress,Queen Blessing, Celebrates 39th Birthday With her New House

Popular Actress and Movie Producer, Queen Blessing Ebigieson is in a happy mood right now. She just celebrated her 39th Birthday with the completion of her magnificent house iń Lagos.

 It was an excited Queen Blessing that told Citypeople Online her story.
How does she feel at 39? I feel so so blessed looking back at where am coming from ND where I am now can't thank God enough for everything..  It's been decades of hardwork but I must say hardwork ND determination takes a longer time to give you what you want in life but it pays off eventually ND gives you more peace at the end of it all. 

From that your girl at 16 who sold pepper and tomatoes to pay her way through school, who became a nollywood actress at about 20years of age ND a filmmaker at 30years of age..  Who has thru hardwork believing God in everything as achieved so much including becoming a landlady at 39 years of age I must say at this age God has been amazing.

What makes me?  I think my simplicity, honest, God-fearing, hardworking friendly ND giving attitude defines me..

How does she assess her movie career?

I would say am doing quite well in nollywood haven worked with most of the big names like wale Adenuga in supper story, this life, Fidelis duker in Elodorado, girls next door, Andy best productions in pretty angels etc with more the 50 films to my credit ND over 12 of which I produced using my production company BQ productions Int'l LTD.. Also doing other businesses I must say am doing great..

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