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How To Live Up To 75 & Beyond In NIGERIA – Wellness Coach, SUSAN OYEMADE Reveals

Globally acclaimed Wellness Coach, Mrs. Susan Oyemade, has revealed the secrets of how to live long in todays Nigeria. Speaking at the City People Wellness Seminar last week Wednesday, 17th April, 2019, she recalled that a multitude of reasons explain why many Nigerians slump and drop dead, mysteriously.

She said both males and females in Nigeria today suffer various health challenges and these account for the series of untimely deaths that occur in the country.

According to her, while the men suffer ailments like prostrate cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure, kidney and liver problems and Stroke, the women suffer from mestrual problems, fibroids, problems of infertility, menopause, goitre, breast cancer, ovarian/cervical cancer.

She said all these lifestyle ailments can be avoided and prevented by living well. She said, Nigerians pay a huge price when they are down with these ailments. “The price they pay are numerous, like high cost of treatment, debilitating side effect of drugs resulting in more drugs. It also leads to low self esteem and negative thoughts".

"I know all these because I have been a victim. I used to be Size 6. I used to be very slim when I came back from abroad. From Size 6, I moved to Size 22. I was sickly. I was depressed. I used to feel giddy. I was then 47 years old. At some point I took action. At that time I used to eat a lot. I was eating to die, instead of eating to live. I then took action. I consulted widely. I read extensively. I then put all the knowledge I got to action.

The first thing I did was to Detoxify. We all need to detoxify our system. It is cheaper to live a healthy life than to wait and fall sick, because sickness is very, very expensive. Wellness is cheap, so strive to be well”.

Many people do not know why we get sick. Many don’t know why we fall ill. There is only one disease. It's called Cellular Malfunction. It has 2 causes - (a) Deficiency and (b) Toxicity. I try to keep to the rules. I stop all my eating between 4:30 pm and 5:30 pm."

"So, I leave room for it to digest. There are so many things I don’t eat, like I don’t eat Carbohydrates."

"I don’t eat Eggs. Have you asked yourself the question: How are our eggs produced these days? Everything is induced. Most of them are induced with chemicals.

"I avoid all these fast food. I avoid soft drinks. Do you know the body has within it what it needs to heal us? We need to take care of our Colon because death begins in the colon.
But there are steps to achieve better health. How can you live a healthy life? It is only by obeying these rules. No 1. is to detoxify your body. No 2 is to eat the right food like vegetables & fruits. No carbohydrates. No 3 is to move your body & exercise No 4 is to sleep well. Sleep for about 7 hours. Do you know the body charges between 10 am to 2 am. No 5 is to reduce stress. No 6. is Hydrate properly. Take a minimum of 7 glasses of water everyday.

Do you know that 70% of the body is water”? “What are the steps to better health”. There are so many; Having Good Relationships; Do what makes you happy; Daily spiritual practice, start your day right; live in the present, not the past. Have a healthy digestive system; take good supplements”.

“I am careful about what I eat. I don’t eat outside. I don’t eat so many junk food, which are of no use to my body. I love my health. I am 75. My husband is 80. I still cook for my husband. If you come to my house I won’t give you Coke to drink".
In life I see opportunities; I don’t look at the problems".

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