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How Rev. Esther Ajayi Dazzles In White All The Time

Prophetess (Rev) Mrs. Esther Ajayi of the C&S church has made many young ladies all over the world to fall in love with wearing white attire. They love her looks each time she steps out to events. She has a way she puts her flowing white dress together and her cap to match.
She has made the wearing of white Sutana to be attractive to many ladies. White is generally seen as a boring colour. 

But Rev. Esther Ajayi has demystified that feeling. She wears only white. And she has been creative with her choice of white. It comes in different fabrics like cotton, lace. She also mixes and matches her fabrics and all of these makes the white she wears very fashionable and attractive

But beyond her stylish look, she is deep. She is blunt and strict. She is a no-nonsense person. She doesn’t suffer fools gladly. She does not allow indolence. She lives a principled life. 

That is why she is strict with young ladies. She is never afraid to tell them the home truth about life.  She guides a lot of young women right on how to choose their life partners. And to those of them who are married, she gives them quality tips on how to keep their marriages intact. 

She doesn’t support Divorce or Separation. Her advice to couples is to always try to find a lasting solution.

Despite her being rich, she is still very simple. And she lives a simple lifestyle.  She is one of the beams of hope in the white garment churches today. 

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