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Bimbo Kashamu is a good advertisement for what she does. She is beautiful. She is sexy. And she has a sultry look. She is also blessed with a flawless skin that glows. She is also richly endowed, with a full body that makes heads turn at parties.

Bimbo is one of the leading Beauticians in Lagos. She is a Skin Therapist that many celebrity women rush to for Skin solution.

Trust Bimbo, a lady with Class & High Taste, she has done up her beauty place in such a way that her clients always fall in love with the interior exterior of her place. The decor is good and the feel inside is heavenly. That is where Bimbo attends to her numerous clients On Appointment. Her clients are high profile celebrity women who need Bimbo’s professional advice on their Skin challenges.

Like a doctor will do to a patient, she will sit with each client and listen to all their complaints after which she will take them through what needs to be done. She has her own beauty products which she recommends. She also recommends other products she knows are good. “I know what I will give them and they will surely see results in the shortest possible time she told City People Online. Sometimes it could be a treatment that will take a month or two or even three months as the case may be”.

“There is no skin problems that I can’t treat. I have travelled to various countries for research on skin care and I am on top of my game”.

“I don’t even need to physically meet my clients. I have clients who live abroad and I send them the cream to use. All they need do is to send me photos of their look and I will tell them what to use for their skin problem. I will package the products they need and send it to them abroad. And the result has been amazing”.

What services does she offer at Her Majesty Skincare Beauty Salon? “We deal with all types of skin problems”, she says. “We advise women who want to tone or just glow. We tell them what to do and what to use”.

Though we don’t encourage women to bleach or to use whitening creams, but once they tell us their preference, we advice them on what to do and how to go about it. There is no treatment we don’t offer clients. We use organic products. We don’t offer clients harsh creams. Noo. We treat their skin right at Her Majesty Skincare. I am not boasting, I understand this skin business. I know what to do to help save so many damaged skins.”

City People Online asked her why most Naija women want to be fair skinned these days? “Yes you are right. It's true. out of every 10 women want to be fair skinned. It is because everyone feels being light skinned helps you get noticed in society and that it makes you more beautiful. So, you can’t really stop many ladies from tonning up their skin. But we take them through the process. We even advice some to leave their real colour and we tell them what to apply to give it a natural glow”.

What are the mistakes women often make with their skin? “There is a lot of mistakes ladies make. They don’t take out time to learn what to do, to make their skin breathe and glow. They jump from one skin therapist to another and combine all sorts of creams that don’t correspond with each other.

They start with one skin therapist and then jump to the next and go on to the next person they are introduced too. So when they run into trouble they won’t know who to hold responsible for their skin problems. They also use all sorts of harsh creams on their body which damages their skin”.

Bimbo has been doing this business for the past 3 years. She has flawless and stainless skin. What is the secret of her flawless skin, City People Online asked her. “I take care of my skin. I exfoliate. I eat healthily, I use organic products. I don’t use harsh cream on my skin.”

What has helped her beauty business grow within so short a time of 3 years? “It is because I am truthful to my clients. I tell them the truth. I tell them what is good for their skin. I tell them the ones that have side effect and tell them to choose. They all know me that I am sincere with them. I tell them as it is. And they see results”.

How did she coin the name Her Majesty Spa?

“Well, those who are familiar with us know what our brand “Her Majesty stands for. It stands for the high and mighty of this society who want to have that flawless skin which glows without blemish come to us. At our Majesty Skincare, we help you achieve that even skin tone, with our unique product range, which are all organic.

We don’t use a chemical compound that will give you something to nurse for the rest of your life. I have been through it myself. I used my product for many years before I decided to go commercial And to be sincere, the acceptance is huge. We have our clients from all walks of life, locally and internally. Most of our clients are through referrals. We get them through testimonial appeal.

A friend will tell a friend, who will tell a friend about us. So, we are quite different from other Spa who do damage to the skin than the way they get it”.

We offer one of the best services in terms of Spa. We do Arabian bath. Why we are different is that we have products not only for adult, we also have for children. We have services for children from the age of 2. We have body cream and beautician range from age of 2.

She has a very large client base online. How was she able to achieve that?

“We didn’t just start in one day. We built it gradually to that height. Like I said, we get most of our clients through referrals. A friend who got a good skin from using our product will tell a friend and it goes on like that. They always tell their friends that go to your Majesty Skincare, they will sort your skin problem out. It goes beyond the shores of Nigeria. Even when some of them travel, they talk about it with their friends.

This has help build out client base over the years. You know with everything you do in life, you have to be focused. The challenge I faced with my divorce helped me wake up fast to know its only me, my God and the children. I struggled to build my brand. I am more focused now, because I have peace of mind and I am so much focused so much so that I have been able to set up a Spa of the magnitude you saw”.

Many people like Bimbo’s beautiful hairline. Is it possible to grow this hairline the organic way?
We have the secret to having a beautiful hairline like mine. We have organic ways of having baby hair. We sell lots of hair creams for that purpose. We sell that abroad and everywhere too.”
“At Her Majesty Beauty Skin, all  our products are organic products. They are chemical free. I have people who have used my products for 3 years and more. I have also used my products for 6 years”.

Who are her clients?
“My clients are always high profile personalities. I will want to respect their privacy.”

How affordable is Her Majesty Skincare?

”Our prices are reasonable, when you compare it to the kind of service we render or provide. This is the only safe way to have the best skin. Many of our clients know it is reasonable, because we go deep and it is very safe. Anything safe is quite pricy. Most or our clients give us accolades when they hear the price. We cater for children with skin issues”.

So, at the end of the day, who is Bimbo Kashamu?
“I am a entrepreneur. I am a self-made woman who depends only on God, because men will fail you. Some of the  things that have motivated me to be a strong person is what I went through a few years ago, and my kids. When I look at them, I know I can’t afford to fail”.

What is the real secret of her glowing skin?

“God, rest of mind, my products, and my children. They are the ones who make me relax. You have to know that when you are under stress, no matter the kind of product you use, you cannot get a good skin”.

What are some of the names of her skincare products?

“We have various packages, like Arabian Beauty Package. Most of our products come in packages and this is because we want them to use all the ranges like body was, face wash. We have notice me package, we have snow white, sugar beautifying scrub, we have baby white snow wash.

We have skin whitening. We are into skin glowing. But they are all safe. I have products for children which are used to kids home and abroad. They are named after my children. One is Layla Whitening cream, Layla Body wash. We have Ewatomi body wash. Ewatomi Day Cream too named after my second child. They are all organic. So it is very safe for children. I have to tell you the acceptance for our Children range is massive. Even male kids use it as well”.

What is the secret of her beauty?

“My beauty is from God and my parents. My dad is so handsome & my mum is ravishingly beautiful. But most of all, I take really good care of my skin. I make sure I Exfoliate my face and body, weekly, I also make use of the Spa  monthly. I apply lots of Body Oils on my skin and a lot of moisturizers on my face and body. 

And of course, I apply my Hermajesty Revolution Triple lotion at night,  after my shower. In the  day time, I don’t use brightening products on my skin. I use only moisturizers. I also use fairness cream that makes my look really Arabian and it makes my skin very  youthful ....  I don’t over use fairness products on my skin.

I use them only few times a week & sometimes I rest by not using whitening creams on my body for a month, so that my skin can also rejuvenate and look extra rich when I resume my fairness creams. I don’t change creams. I stick to what works for me in my products. Despite being a Skin beautician, I love Vaseline a lot.

Vaseline is very good for skin repairs. It repairs. It replenishes the skin. Vaseline is a must have, but a lot of people don’t know it’s a strong barrier that protects the skin. It works so well on inflammations .... I also use some chewable vitamins for the skin. Also supplements like Vitamin CCollagen drinks  that help with skin elasticity & reduces wrinkles.  I hope have been able to show you some aspect of my Beauty routine wise steps on achieving a flawless rich skin”.

Her Instagram page is @hermajestyskincare

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