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How Eni Balogun Made Emmy's Kitchen Popular

Emi Balogun is a hard working lady who is exceptional at what she does.

She provides indigenous Cuisine at its best. She is the founder of Emmy's Kitchen, and the brand is growing bigger with the passing of each day. Within a short time, Emmy's Kitchen has become the hottest catering outfit and go to vendor for Nigerian celebrities.

How did she achieve this feat? What is the secret to her success?

She told Citypeople online.

I started my catering as a hobby in 2016, but it wasn't until May 2018 that I decided to turn my passion into a full time business.

I've always loved cooking, it’s my passion and I have always enjoyed cooking for family and friends. When my youngest daughter celebrated her 10th birthday in August 2016 I prepared the food and received overwhelming compliments about the taste and quality of the food offerings. This spurred me on to open an Instagram and Facebook page.

Fast forward to May 2018, I prepared taster meals and sent it out. It was loved and this earned me public endorsements, and just like magic orders started rolling in especially MoinMoin orders which is fast becoming our best seller.

Since then, it’s been onwards and upwards, Emmy’s Kitchen is committed to being one of the Best catering providers in this Country, serving tasty and affordable meals

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