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How AYOBAMI OYITA Became BIG In the Movie Industry

She is one of the highly talented actresses in the Yoruba movie industry. She is stylish and very fashionable too.

Give it to Ayobami Oyita, she not only acts well, she produces good movies and sings well.

Recently, she revealed a lot about herself to CityPeople Online below...

She has been acting for years, but officially she has acted for 5 years. She is good at what she does. Which movies brought her to the limelight?
“Really have done several movies and they are well accepted so I can really say this movie or that brought me to limelight but trust me all movies I have acted as one way or the other brought me to limelight”.
How does she balance out her roles as an actress, wife, and mother?
“Its God’s grace, it’s really not easy but I thank God for the grace and wisdom.

Many don’t know she started as a singer.  Ayobami, who is the producer of Iraran and Poverty began her showbiz career as a Musician before she gave movie a trail. What made her switch to movies and why Yoruba movie industry? Yes I started as a Singer, and am still singing, though acting as taking most of my time these days, nothing made me switch. I am talented in acting I have always wanted to act also, just that I started as a musician.”

How many movies has she produced? Over 10 movies And I have more coming. Which movie made her popular? “All the movies I have acted on made me popular, trust me people know me from different movies. How many movies has she acted in? “I have lost count (smile) Glory be to God.

“When is her next movie coming out? Soon, can’t really say a specific date right now but before this year runs out my next movie Alajogbe will be out and also Ijebu Ijesa will be out this year, hopefully also Alagbo which is a multi million naira project”. Where is Ayobami from? Where was growing up years? Where was she born?  “I am from Osun State Ilesha precisely. I grew up in PH / Lagos and was born in Ilesha”.

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