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Here Are My Basic Needs In Your Makeup Purse

Moisturizer and Primer
Great makeup begins with great skincare. Prep your skin with a subtle slathering of moisturizer and primer.

Concealer and Foundation
Beginners can eliminate the risk of caked-on foundation by adding an opaque concealer to their kit.

Eyebrow Pencil & Amp; Brush
A subtle shade of brown would transform your brow n your create an ideal blend with the brush.

Eyeliner and Mascara
Mascara and liquid eyeliner can do wonders. Add false lashes to make your eyes pop.

Nude and Red Lipstick
These two hues are universally flattering and versatile enough to keep you covered from the office to the dance floor.

Brushes and Tools
An ideal brush set is perfect for effortlessly blending foundations, blush, and concealer.

Blush and Highlighter
Add healthy color and a subtle glow to your skin with a classic blush and highlighter.

Eyeshadow Shadow Pallets
They offer a range of everyday nudes, plus a hint of bright colors to play around with.

 Makeup Wipes and Cotton buds
Even pros make mistakes—and dabbing a cotton bud into lotion is their secret for instantly erasing mistakes. makeup wipes are a girls best friend.

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