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CHICAGO Big Babe Bodunrin Oluwole Changes Her look

She used to wear a low cut but not anymore. Why did Bodunrin Oluwole change her looks.? "It's because of Winter," she says.

"But I will cut it again in warmer weather. l just always want to look sharp. I also believe you should dress the way you want to be addressed.

Bodunrin is an IT Consultant in Chicago. Everyone knows her in Chicago. She always looks Good and smashing all the time.

Although she likes to party she hardly goes to owambe parties in winter.
It is always delightful looking at her new fashion styles. She loves top designer labels but sometimes she goes with the fitting not the label." 

l can wear a regular  Jeans and then compliment it with Versace belt, Gucci bag, and Valentino shoes. l do iro and buba when needed.

For her natives she likes Lace and ankara.
Please check out her smashing looks in her recent photos below........

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