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Saturday 27th April 2019 will forever remain a joyous and memorable day for the family of Brandmatters Magazine Publisher,who is a member of lions club Lion Blessing ModupeUmebali, as they gathered to celebrate the traditional wedding of one of her sisters, Mercy OluchiUmebali with her heart robe, Gerald OkwudiriEjiogu.

It was a gathering of friends, family and well-wishers. Le Jardin Event Centre situated at Yaya Abatan, off college road, by Oyemekun Bus Stop, Ogba Lagos could not contain the crowd that graced the occasion. Dignitaries from all walks of life stormed the event centre to support the 2 families.

Everything that played out on the day confirmed that, indeed, the Igbos and their tradition are very unique. Their wedding ceremonies are well known in Nigeria for its incredibly luxurious atmosphere. It is generally believed that Igbo wedding tradition is one of the most exciting.

The traditional wedding between Mercy and Gerrald started around 3:00pm with an Opening Prayer by Mr Mathew Oniocha, one of the special guests on the high table, followed by the breaking of Kolanut, and there was never a dull moment throughout the event.

As custom demands, the bride, Mercy made her 1st appearance, as she came in with a dance steps. She was beautifully dressed in Igbo attire to greet all the guests, from one table to another, flanked by friends to danced to the rhythm, as supplied by the DJ. She was the cynosure of all eyes on this day. She looked so beautiful and dazzled with her simple smile.

Her mother, Madam Umebali did the same, she also danced round to welcome all the guests before the 2nd appearance of the bride. This time, she located the groom, her husband, Gerrald with palm wine and brought him out for their parent’s blessing.

The atmosphere changed when the couple was asked to dance. There were lots of money exchanges, trust igbos, it was a rain of money all through.

Lion Blessing Umebali and other siblings played host. They made sure that everybody enjoyed his or herself. There was a lot to eat and drink.
It was a happy moment and a great day for the couple.


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