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She has always been pencil-slim for years. Yinka who many call Yinka Catwalk on account of her passion for training models for catwalks has been able to maintain her slim look over the years. Yeye Oge Catwalk, who is very stylish runs a chain of related businesses like Bath & Bodyworks. She is a jewellery designer and owner of Bjewel by Yinka Catwalk. It is a bead brand jewellery line. She is also the Creative Co-ordinator/CEO at Catwalk Studio based in Ikeja, Lagos. She is the founder of Women Network for Progress (an advocacy group for women). She just started the group. 
She pioneered the business of grooming models. She started in August 2008. Years back she saw the industry dying and she warned that if care is not taken the industry will gradually die. “Well, it has happened but we, (some of us)” in this modelling Agency business are trying to bring it back. This includes the likes of me, Frank Osodi & Co. She is very fashionable and stylish too.


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