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Why I Went Into the Aso Oke And Aso Ebi Business - OYEDOYIN OPARINDE

Oyedoyin Oparinde plays big in the fabric business. She is very fashionable. She is stylish. And she loves fashion. That possibly explains why she ended up in the Aso Oke and Aso Ebi business. "My love for fashion made most of my friends to carry me along wherever they want to choose colours and mostly Aso Ebi. "

"So while I was serving my NYSC way back in Ilorin, Kwara State, a friend of mine called me from Lagos to help her make enquiries about Aso Oke from one weaver in Ilorin. I went there and the man just took to me. He took an interest in me.

He said he likes to build up literate ladies. l made the enquiry and my friend said I should please help her out in mixing colours and design which I did and to God be the glory the Aso oke came out so well.

From there, all the Aso Ebi ladies asked my friend about the vendor of her Aso Oke and she did not hesitate to mention my name to them.

That was how almost all of them contacted me for their Aso oke. And here I am today.

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