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Funmi is one of the leading beauty experts in Nigeria today. And she has a nice flawless and smooth skin. Although she is based in London, where she has lived for years, practicing her beauty trade, she spends more time in Nigeria these days, and she operates from her 19B Yaya Abatan Road, Beauty Spa, opposite Nationwide Petrol State at Ogba, Ikeja Lagos

And trust celebrity women, they all go to her for consultation and treatment on a day-to-day basis, Funmi Beauty World Spa offer a wide range of services from full Spa Therapy Treatment, to Facial Treatment, Sama Therapy, Body Waxing, removal skin tags on the face and Body Massage Therapy, and the rest. 

She offers Face & Body Products and 20 other rare beauty products you can’t find anywhere else, like Pink Lips, Beauty Whitening Solution Oil (instant whitening), Beauty Black Soap, Beauty Knuckles set like instant Peeling of Dark Hands, Elbow and Feets, Beauty Exfoliating Body-wash, Beauty Breast Enlargement cream, Beauty Bumbum Cream, beauty body scrub and many more and she can be reached via Whatsapp on these number 08130663489, 09086714349, 08162282245, +447482185554.

Not too long ago, this pretty lady who is in her early 50s spoke to City People Publisher, Seye Kehinde about how she makes other women look good all the time. Below are excerpts of the interview.

How has it been running Funmi Beauty World?

It’s been good. It's really good. I have a passion for it and I have been doing it for over 17 years ago in the UK before I said let me come over to Nigeria and set up Funmi Beauty World Spa here.

It wasn’t really easy setting it up. Thank God I went through the challenges and I did it. Here I am now, Funmi Beauty World has become big. We run our business on social media also. We are all over the world. People know us all over the world. When you came in you met many women waiting to see me. They’ve come for consultation. I thank all our customers they don’t joke with us. They come in regularly and bring along their friends.

What are the services you offer?
We do a lot here. We have skincare products that work for our customers, like whitening, toning, lightening, maintaining their skin, anything to do with your skin, like spots. We just introduced our Spa last year. We do fantastic massage here. We do full Spa Therapy treatment. We have a Sama machine here.

For full therapy. We have massage machine apart from using our hand. We do facial treatment that is of international standard. We don’t do Nigeria facial treatment because I am actually trained in England.

I am British trained, we do excellence job here. We have our hot stone machine. We laser here. We do waxing. We have a machine that removes skin tags. If you are too hairy. We can remove the hair. We don’t do it normally. We do it with machine. We do exfoliating. 

We scrub your body. No matter how stubborn you skin is we scrub here. It will become very soft. By the time you leave the room where we do the scrubbing you will look like a baby. We have our Steaming room here where we put you. 

We have both men and women who use our machine. We don’t really focus on lightening of skin. We focus on Therapy. If you have High Blood Pressure there is a Machine we use. If you have Diabetes there is a Machine we use. So we don’t just focus on lightening even though we have products for it. We have a range for it. 

We have over 50 different products for different skin, I mean our own products. The name of the products is Beauty Product. We have Beauty Diamond Glow, Beauty Pure White Glow, and Beauty Whitening Products, so many. But I have just discovered that it’s not about those products alone. I have decided that why don’t we just treat the skin itself. That is why we do steaming bath, steaming wash, scrubbing, exfoliating. Our Sama is an international one. 

It is proper Sama. It is not like Jacuzi. We brought this in from the UK. We put you there. When you come out, you will notice that your skin will change and look good. You are going to have a new different skin. The Sama is going to make your skin to be very, very firm. Our products are produced by us.  We use herbal products. It is purely organic. We don’t use harsh chemicals, we lecture our customer on line. We do a lot of live videos. To teach them on their attitude to skin.
We tell them why they should using a lot of harsh chemicals which will spoil their skin. I tend to a lot of live video. We don’t focus on just sell creams. We lecture you. Our facial treatment is the best. Our customers are so happy. They call all the time to say thank you.

You’ve been doing this for how long now?
I have been doing this for the past 10 years in Nigeria. In the last 5 years we’ve become so popular because of the demand for our products. Most of our customers come in through referrals.

We use our products on our customers. We no longer go for the crowd. We treat our customers as special. We sell our products as a set. We don’t set cream alone because it does not work alone. That is why we sell sets like Anti-ageing Body Sets, Velvet Glow Fets, Pure White Glow sets, Skin Repair Set. They all come in sets like Knuckle set. We are very fantastic when it comes to peeling your Knockles.

It so common for a lot of ladies to have dark knuckles. We treat it here. At Funmi Beauty World we get rid of it. We have a process of doing it. I am a true picture of what I sell. That is why people say wow! Go and look at Funmi Beauty World. We don’t bleach here. 

No way. At Funmi Beauty World we don’t’ tell our customer that you will turn white in 6 days or 14 days. No. It has to be a natural process a continuous use. That’s our product. We don’t say we would turn you into an Oyinbo in one month. No. we don’t do that why we don’t do that is because if you do it that way the skin will become damaged. And we don’t damage skins at Funmi Beauty World. We treat skin. We make your skin better that is why we sell natural product. You can get white to any level, provided you follow. Our instructions. We don’t use ChemicalsNo we don’t. 

Our product is not chemical that you just put chemical and you skin will start changing. No. No. No.

At Funmi Beauty World. We treat your skin right. We have both male and female using our products, so its not female only. We have a fantastic moisturizing body lotion for male, for men. We have a fantastic body butter for male. We have children products as well.

At Funmi Beauty World our target is to help repair skin. We more or less focus on repairing skin than to just enhance skins. We have kiddies repair set. We have beauty kiddies glowing lotion and glowing soap. We treat eczema for kids. 

We have body wash for kids. We have treatment for all sorts of skin. We have body wash for you to enhance your skin. We have normal body lotion that our children can use. If you skin is very stubborn we have the body wash for it if you have a very dark skin we have body wash for it. It won’t change your skin tone. It will just make your dark skin shine like a glass. We have body wash for chocolate skin-type people. So we have a wide range of products and we have a wide range of machines to main your skin. 

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