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Stylish Lawyer, Dewumi Adedirans Fashion Style Revealed!!!!

Dewunmi Adediran is a stylish big babe who is always on point in her dressing. How did her Style evolve over time Citypeople asked her recently

 "I think what moulded me into whom I am today is my family background. 

I grew up in the world within an educational community. My father is a Professor of   Law and my mother an Educationist. With such an academic environment, you can imagine the structured, loving home I come from. Both are now retired and enjoying a fun-filled, quiet life, while my three siblings and I live in our diverse worlds, keeping it real and simple.

My style highlights my fashion sense distinctively.  I am young at heart, even in my 40's.  I love being comfortable in my attires and I love keeping it simple. I feel more comfortable in casualwear because it allows me to express my feelings and thoughts without being self-conscious and restrained. "

"Simple,but not cheap is my way. I believe in buying quality items that I can have forever; timeless items that can be reinvented, mixed and matched to the styles of the day. I buy mostly top-notch designer labels, not because of the labels but for their quality and style."

What in her past prepared her for her present role.? "I started my professional life in the finance sector; working for a financial institution for over 10 years before I turned it all in and resigned.  

I am now a Senior Associate at Royal Heritage, a leading Law Firm in Ikoyi, Lagos, founded to cater for legal and advisory services to the local and international business communities.

I am also Chief Operating Officer of House of Oduduwa Foundation which was founded by H.I.M, Kabiyesi Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ooni of Ife. House of Oduduwa Foundation showcases Nigeria’s heritage, especially the Yoruba culture.  This is always motivation when I choose attire for Official Meetings or Events.

So, my Day to Day activities influences what I wear mostly. When I am not working, I am casually dressed. However, irrespective of what I adorn on my body, simplicity is the word!.

My style is elegant, yet simple."

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