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Ronnie Ogunniyi & Her Wardrobe Essentials

Everyone calls her Ronnie. That is her nickname. But her real name is Aderonke Agbede-Ogunniyi. She owns a company called Wardrobe Essentials. "We sell clothes (unisex), fabrics for personal and Aso Ebi needs and Fashion accessories.

She is a natural beauty. She is blessed with a skin that glows. How has she kept her ebony skin colour intact? "Thanks. I do nothing special about my beauty routine. I make use of natural products.

How about her Style? What informs what she wears? "It’s the type of mood I am in," she says." Comfortability is my watchword when carving out a style that works for me. The occasion defines what I wear and my mood."

Does she consider herself trendy? "Yes, I don't dress to impress. I wear what suits me."

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