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Everybody knows Shinene of London. He has been a big brand for years. Even those who have never ever met him face to face, know of him.
Let's quickly tell you that his real name is Adeshina Ken Dawood-Balogun. But his brand name is Shinene.

Who is this ruggedly handsome dude? He is a big fashion designer in London and a socialite. He is a man of Style. He is tall, slim and has a great height

He specialises in bespoke hats. l create a cynosure for Kings and Queens, he told Citypeople online." I design and make hats for corporate events, family vacations and group birthdays in places like Dubai, Milan and of course Lagos". He has spread his tentacles to some African countries.

He didn't just start yesterday. "I started off over 20years ago designing my own outfits and for my close friends."

He actually started out as a Model back then in lagos. He once modelled for Bagosto. He also modeled for Modella, one of the biggest modelling agencies in Nigeria then.

He later diversified into Entertainment and organised so many quality shows.

While doing entertainment he incorporated Style into it ensuring that his guests wore designer outfits and no traditional attire. He later relocated to London to pursue and expand his dream.

While in the UK he began to focus on his fashion side.
What you see today is the outcome of those efforts. All hail the King of Hats, Shinene Baba.....

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