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Popular Actresses Who Mix Cream For Other Actresses

Acting is no longer as lucrative like, it used to be back in the day, especially with the Yoruba movie sector of the industry. Many of the actors just produce movies to maintain their fame and get endorsement from different companies.So in the quest to get into the market of money making, some top actresses in the industry are not relying solely on acting alone, so, business is the order of the day. While some have just boutiques as their other source of income, some have added the business of “skincare”. Many of them now trade in skin lightening creams, soaps and other cosmetics. The movie industry is an industry where most people tend to place a premium on a light skinned complexion as the epitome of beauty, these actresses are smiling to the bank with their different skin products and names. Some even display their old pictures so that people can compare to the new ones, to show their transformation, and how effective their products are. The prices of these skin care v


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