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'My Mum Influenced My Style' - Boston based celebrity lady, Adetutu Osun Badmus

Adetutu Osun Badmus was born in Lagos, Nigeria to the family of Adepoju and Oluwayemisi Oshunfowora of Ijebu Mushin.  She is the 2nd of 3 children. With a younger brother and an older sister.
She is a strong and determined woman who set foot in the United States to provide for her loving family in U.S. and Nigeria.

Adetutu is happily married to Tajudeen Badmus, and blessed with 3 children. 2 handsome young men, and 1 beautiful young woman. She is based in Boston, Massachusetts which lead to her alias: Tutu-Kan, Boston-Kan. She strives for success. She strives to pave a path for her children that she didn't have growing up. With this, she works hard. Everything she has, She has worked for it along with the grace and blessing of God to guide her.

Adetutu fashion sense comes from her mother. Growing up, her mother always dressed her and her siblings well, there was never a time where they didn't look their best. With that tradition of looking your best, Adetutu kept that with her and even passed it down to her kids. Adetutu’s sense of style is unique, chic, risky, fancy, bougie,  and versatile. 

Her inspiration is actually herself. She has always had a strong sense of fashion and somehow naturally has the ability to know what goes well together. From Gucci to Prada & from regular attire to our traditional attire, Adetutu knows how to put it all together to make it her very own. She’s eager to be different and creative. Because fashion and personal style are two different things, we can see how Adetutu has found the perfect union between the two.

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