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London Big Babe, Dele Achiever looks stunning all the time. She is pretty and has flawless skin. She lives in London. She is the pretty musician currently rocking the London music scene. She sings Juju, Highlife and Gospel music. She is blessed with a pencil-slim frame which makes her outfits flatter her lovely body. She is stylish too. She dresses to kill all the time you see her at events. She is a good dresser, no doubt. Recently, she spoke to City People about her life and many things you don’t know about this stunning beauty.

Dele Achiever has become a big music brand in London How did you build the brand
A lot of work has gone into building my brand and positioning myself in the market.
At first I created a brand identity, the right image and make my brand memorable. Being consistent throughout and promoting the brand on all social media platform increased my fan base. I built a fan base to follow my music and it helps.
Tell us about your kind of music Do you sing Juju Highlife Hip hop or a combination?
l think you can describe my music as a combination of Juju, Highlife Music and Gospel, a bit of Afrobeat/ Hip Hop. A contemporary African music.
How did you start playing music? Did you start in Nigeria or London?
l stated my music career in Nigeria where I grew up. And I came to the UK early 2000, I’ve been singing, writing and touring ever since.

 How unique is your kind of music?

My kind of music is very unique. My style, my musical influences, my approach to music, quality of sound, signature and my unique perspective as an artist, maintaining my identity and attention to staying in the present that makes it more unique and different from others.

Tell us about where you were born? Where did you grow up? And schools attended. How did you end up living in London?

Part of my primary education was in Akure, Ekiti State and I attended Ilesha Grammar School in Osun State. I attended Osun State Polytechnic and study Business Management where Dele Achievers Band was formed with some very talented instrumentalists, with me as the band leader and lead vocalist before proceeding to Oyo State Polytechnic, Ibadan Nigeria for my HND and a degree in music.

The Achievers Band soon became popular not only within the campus but also outside for our captivating shows. We travelled widely in the southwest of Nigeria and appeared in ceremonies and concerts with famous Nigerian Juju artistes in the region like Dr Orlando Owoh, Dayo Kujoore, Sir Shina Peters, Gbenga Falope Junior to mention only a few.

l later moved to Lagos Nigeria where I continued with outside engagement and regular gigs at clubs. Notably Wilfred Night Club {Club 68} and Yoruba Tennis Club.

I have been to perform in different countries of Europe before finally settled in London (UK)  (London being the capital city of Nigerians in the diaspora) l am well established and known for my excellent performance and decency up and down the United Kingdom.

Are you married? If no how do you handle male advances in your career?
l am single.

The rule of music is very simple, “if you can’t handle it don’t do it”.  You have to set your own rules and policy. You have to be very discipline and give your fans chance to know you and respect you. It is music and nothing more.
What is your real name? Tell us about your parents.

l am Bamidele Adedeji fondly referred to as  ‘Dele Achiever  by my fans.
l was born to a Christian family of Mr. & Mrs. Adedeji in Esa-Oke Osun State Nigeria. My dad a retired police officer and my mum a loving mother.
How did you coin the stage name Dele Achiever?

l was in a rehearsal room with the band that evening when we started deliberating on what name to call the band, I remembered I said we are the ACHIEVERS and one of them screamed out “Dele Achiever is good” from that day. Dele Achiever has become a household name in and outside Nigeria.

Did you train under anybody? Who are your role models and mentor?

l did not train under anyone l started singing  in the church. However it was not until l was enrolled into the church choir that my potential as a singer and leader was fully realised. I was sooner made the choir lead vocalist that same year.  l fully branched into high life/juju music in my 1st year at Osun State Polytechnic.

When I was a kid, I listened to a great deal of “the oldies” Highlife, Juju, etc. I was also exposed to old country gospel as well late IK Dairo, King Sunny Ade, Ebenezer Obey, late Orlando Owoh, Tina Tunner,  Angelique Kidjo, Victor Olaiya, late Ambrose Campbell,  late Queen Oladunni Decency, Jimi Solanke, Evangayewa, Gbenga Falipe Junior, just to mention few.

These all in a pot, stir them up, and these are my greatest influences.

Where and where do you play?
l do parties, wedding, birthday party, corporate event etc,
l have a project I am working on as well which will start in summer next year.

Watch out and look out for me on my social media platforms for more updates on my coming project.

I am on Instagram as Officialdelechiever
On Twitter @Deleachiever...... many thank.

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