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LONDON Celebrity Lady, Alhaja Sherryfat Adebajo is In Town

In London, she's big. Everybody knows Alhaja Sherryfat Adebajo,a big businesswoman. The big news is that this stylish lady is in town. She flew into Nigeria a few days ago looking adorable. She hosted a big party in Ijebuode. It was in remembrance of her late mum, Mrs Mujidat Morenikeji Otubambo who died 50 years ago.

The classy event, held last Friday shook the whole of Ijebuode. For those who don't know this Big, Bold and Beautiful lady, let's tell you more. She runs a big boutique both in the UK and Saudi Arabia. She deals in Jewellery, Laces, Headties, Shoes and Bags. She is also into catering services.

She owns 3Dees Catering Services. She has expanded her catering business in Nigeria. She is quite serious about her expansion as she has acquired a building in Lagos for her catering business.

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