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How I Became A Successful Islamic Singer - Alhaja MISTURA ADEROUNMU-ASHAFA

+How She Got The Name TEMI NI SUCCESS

She is one of the leading Islamic singers in Nigeria. She sings well. She is talented and she has been getting better with the passing of each year.
Recently Mistura spoke to City People Magazine Publisher, SEYE KEHINDE about her life and success story. Below are excerpts of the interview.

What has kept you going over the year?

I will say God, because God is the only one that motivates people to do more. I have wonderful people that surround, most especially my parents and my fans. I have been singing for the past 15 years. The beginning was kind of rough. But at the end of the day, we thank God. I started at a very tender age. I started thing at age 10.

I was in Primary School then. Nawarudeen Private School. In those days things were not the way they are now. I had one Uncle whose name is Alhaji Abideen Ganiu, the present Governor of Isman Lagos State now. He was one of my teachers then in school. He was the one that took me to Alhaji Wasiu Kayode Saddique so that he can assist me musically. He put me through all what they don’t know.

So Alhaji Wasiu Saddique was the one that funded my 1st album. After that he went to Muslim marketers to give them the job. Most of them were like, haaa, this girl is a very small girl, they can’t do, they can’t do that. But when Alhaji Saddique gave the job to Afeesco, he collected the job wholeheartedly. These are the times I can say it was rough.

When was your big break?
It came after my 1st album, Temi Ni Success. That is how my album title became my nickname. For we artistes any album that becomes a big hit and brings you to the limelight, that is the name you will be using. Because it was the album that brought me to the limelight that is why I am using the name.

Since that time, how has it been?
We thank God. Because of the economy of our country we are facing a lot of challenges, it is affecting everybody. We have issues with our markets.

When you spend so much on a job, our marketers will say I can’t buy it for more than this amount and even the amount they want to buy it is not up to the amount we spent in producing the job. But we thank God, we are doing stage shows. Those stage shows are helping us.

How do you see the growth of Islamic music?
It has been okay. When I started it was very good because I know the amount of money Afeesco gave me for my 1st album.

But now, I know how much we are collecting. We are collecting peanuts. It is just the stage shows that we do outside that helps.

How many albums have you done till date?

5. Number 6 is one the way. The first one is Temi Ni Success. Then Oodun, Opemi, Nigba Adura, then Iwa Rere. That was 2 years ago. Then the new one is Oore Igbeyawo.
In it, I advised couples who want to get married. I advise them.

When I produced my 1st album Temi ni Success, it took about 3 years  before I produced the 2nd one. And after the 2nd one, it took almost 5 years before I produced the 3rd one. And it was still with the same marketer. It was after Opemi that I changed my marketer.

What are you up to in 2019?
I am planning big. City People is honouring me. Some have been asking me, am I going to relocate to meet my husband in the US. I say No. Yes, family first. Nothwithstanding my husband loves me and he loves my job. I can’t leave my job. But I can just be going and coming.

What makes your music different?

I started at a tender age. My voice is different from others. We sing differently. We pass our messages differently. My voice is different. I do rehearsals. With my band members twice a month.

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