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Funbi Akinyosoye is one of the biggest events planners in Nigeria. She runs Dunamis Events Company. It is an event management company, which is into d├ęcor, event co-ordination, rentals and training. Having been on the field for several years and with the diverse experiences she has garnered, she decided to take it up professionally. The big news is that Funbi will be 40 on April 10.

City People Online asked her the lessons life has taught her at 40. “Life has taught  me that everything we do in life is a seed, either good or bad, these seeds go into out future and bloom as beautiful flowers or as thorns and weeds,” she explained. “If there’s another thing I’ve learned in my life its to not be afraid of the responsibility that comes with caring for other people. What we do for love, those things endure. Even if the people yu do them for don’t appreciate it”.

Looking back, how does she feel @ 40“I feel grateful for the precious gift of life and for great people he has brought my way till date, thankful for the ups and grateful also for the downs because its part of what made me into the woman I’ve grown to be. I am thankful for opportunities and knowing fully well at this point that having come this full cycle. The summary of my story is that I am a shettered woman under the unction of God’s Mercy and Grace”.

How did she hit it big in her business? “Its self effort I had to train myself on the job and with focus and determination to succeed, I became better. Over 17 years ago, I went for training at Magic Moment in Lekki, though prior to that time, I had started doing it in school,” she recalls. In her 2nd year in the university, Funbi started managing events and since then, she has never looked back.

“I have never worked for anyone and I’ve always been my own boss. I have passion for this job and I have no regret whatsoever because I am living my dreams,” she says. Expectedly, when she started the business, she was confronted with some challenges, but they did not faze her and because she held on tenaciously, she was able to overcome.

“Firstly, I had the issue of acceptance and had to devise how to tackle it and be accepted, even as I planned how to break into the market and make headway.

But I didn’t give up and with time I started making success. One thing I have come to understand is that if you do your homework well, take your business seriously and have a positive mindset, then there is no business that cannot be done successfully.

This is because people will get to see your good works and patronise you. With time, I started getting more clients through well-serviced clients. In fact, most of the jobs I get were based on referrals,” she explains. The name, Dunamis Events has opened doors for me”.

“I look at this outfit and see it as a masterpiece, which God has created for me to manage. I have met people who look at me and say, are you really the Dunamis? And I tell them ‘Yes’. People think having run the business for over 17years, I would be older and so are amazed when they see my work and the brain behind it,” she says.

It’s obvious Funbi is proud of her outfit, what it stands for and has to offer. For her, it is more than fulfilling that her work speaks for itself. “At Dunamis, we render quality services to any individual or firm that believes in us. We have done jobs for big industries, Insurance companies, banks, as well as political bodies. We have managed product launches of big brands.

One problems facing the industry, she says is ensuring that people deliver on what they promise and dealing with the right crowd is a big issue.

“I love this job and I can’t imagine myself doing something else. I must also say here that I love details and I am a perfectionist. I believe it is either you do it well or you don’t do it at all. That is why people "madam Attention to details."

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