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Celebrating Ola Aladesuru @ 60

She is one of the best-dressed ladies in Lagos. She’s got a great figure and a skin that glows.

The big news is that this stylish Lagos celebrity woman Mrs Olasubomi Aladesuru is 60.

She will be 60 in a few weeks time and she's having a big party to celebrate this landmark age.

OLA who is happily married is friends with QAB Queen Ayo Balogun, the undisputed Queen of Juju music.

She is a successful businesswoman and a hotelier in Lagos.

How does she feel at 60. Citypeople Online asked her how she feels at 60 and she explained that she is so so so happy. "I feel healthy happy and excited."

What are the lessons life has taught her at 60?  "A lot. l have seen a lot. l have learned a lot. I have learned to be patient and to be at peace with everyone around me."

She is very fashionable and stylish in her dressing. What is the secret?" l eat well. I sleep well. And I pray well. I don't let anything bother me at all. l leave everything in d hands of God."

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