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5 Ways to Disguise a Bad Hair Day

I thought why not give a few tips to help diagnose a bad hair day...

1. Braid
It's a perfect way to disguise a bad hair day, it could be with a nicely braid wig or just make your hair into a little cutie wig.

2. Pony Tail
 A bad hair day is the perfect excuse to rock a sleek pony tail! Start by applying hairspray to a fine-tooth comb, then use it to pull your hair back and smooth out any lumps or bumps. Secure with a nice hair tie or scarf.

3. Hat
This can be anything you make of it! Hats can change the look of any outfit! Hats can take your look from bland to fab in a second. I invest in a lot of hats, u should too.

4. Bobby Pins
This is exactly as simple as it sounds. What you want to do here is grab all of your hair at once, hold it tight up against your head, then place Bobby pins to secure.

5. Sock Bun
Sock buns are the best way to look like you tried really hard on your hair that morning. It gives a different transformation. Try it with an open mind.

6. Wigs
Invest in good quality wigs, different shades, different colors, different styles, different designs, they take you from nay to yay.
There you have it, you can still look fab even a bad hair day. Hope you enjoy them....xoxo anu

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