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Talk of one woman of God who does not joke with what she wears all the time and Prophetess Mary Olubori’s name will come up for mention. This pretty woman is very stylish. She turns heads at events and once she enters she instantly becomes the cynosure of all eyes.

For those who don’t know her well, lets quickly tell you about the lady powering the Rock of Salvation Apostolic Church in Ibadan, with her husband, Pastor Isreal Olubori. She is also the lady behind Havilah Prayer Mountain on -Akanra Road, off Lagos-Ibadan Expressway, in Ibadan.

Apart from the many testimonies about those whose lives she has touched, one thing many of her church members and fans like about her is her great sense of style. She is not only stylish, but she has a great sense of presence. Anytime she steps out, she is always on point in her various outfits. She has a rich collection of haute couture outfits and she carries whatever she wears well. One good thing about her fashion style is that Prophetess Mary Olubori does not wear revealing outfits. Her designs are always long dresses which covers the body.
How about her accessories, like bags, shoes, jewelry? They are always, on point. She never compromises on these, because she likes to look good all the time.
Early this year, at the New Year Thanksgiving she held at her Havilah (Ori Oke) Mountain in Ibadan,, Prophetess Olubori revealed a lot about her love for looking good. She also reveals why she loves to dance to good music, especially Gospel music. According to her,  “Many people often wonder why I love to dance, and why I like to look stylish, It is all to glorify God. Everything I do is meant to glorify God.

Each time I dance, I connect with the Holy Spirit. I see the angels, and they speak to me. A lot is revealed to me, which helps my Ministry. I also dress well to praise God. That you work for God and glorify his name does not mean you should look Shabby or Tattered. You must learn to dress well.
Show the glory of God in you. Let it manifest. Let people see it. Let them know that you have the blessing of God in you. That is why I don’t compromise on my looking good. I have so many people looking up to me and I need to show them God’s blessings in my life”.

“You don’t have to be wasteful in looking good. Just identify what works for you and keep to it. I know the Style that fits me and I keep to it.
Many don’t know how I live my life. Because they see that I dance all the time, they think Prophetess Olubori is all about dancing. Noo I am not. There is a lot more about my dancing. I get inspired by the Holy Spirit. Divine inspiration comes when I really dance to praise God

That’s why I celebrate a lot of gospel artistes, because their tunes inspire me and they are soul lifting. Many don’t know that for very many years, I did not wear jewellery, no neck chain, no earrings, no bangles, or bracelets, until one day, when God spoke to me to start wearing it and I began to do that. I always tell people to listen to God. God speaks to us in many ways and people should listen. I have learnt to listen to God and he leads me to what I should do or not do”.

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