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Over the last few years, many people have noticed that popular Lagos businesswoman, Princess Toyin Kolade, who is popularly called Iyalaje Apapa has stepped up her fashion style. She now wears only white, from head to toe and spices it up with accessories. And what she wears don’t come cheap. She wears expensive French lace fabrics and her accessories are pure Gold. Why settle for White? “We can tell you that for free. She is spiritually endowed. She has uncommon spiritual gifts that many do not know. She is gifted. Her late mum belonged to the popular white garment church, Cherubim, and Seraphim. Unknown to many, Princess Toyin Kolade is also a Prophetess with prophetic powers. She has been one for years. And she was told to change her dressing to white (which signifies purity) very many years ago. She only agreed to adopt White a few years back. What also aided her adoption of white is her new role as one of the members of the inner royal caucus at Ooni’s Palace in Ife. Since Ooni Oba Adeyeye Ogunwusi came on the throne 3 years ago, Princess Toyin Kolade has been one of Ooni’s great supporters and ambassadors. Though she is a Princess from Ilesa, she is also closely linked with Ile-Ife and the palace and she has known the Ooni for very many years, as business people. Since Ooni came on the throne, she has been actively involved in the coordination of many of the royal activities in and around the palace, like the 2019 Aje Festival, scheduled to take place in a few days time. The Ooni holds her in high esteem because of her selflessness. She, in-turn respects the Ooni. Recall that when the Ooni came on the throne 3 years ago, he adopted white as his official fashion colour. That is why whenever you see the Ooni, he is always in white. His palace is also painted white and his official residence is an imposing white house. As an insider, Toyin Kolade had to start wearing white. And she has perfected it. Many fashion people know that wearing white every day is not an easy habit to cultivate. It is limiting. It is restricting. And it is a very, very expensive fashion style to adopt.

You must be very stylish to be able to pull off white every time, every day. But Princess Toyin Kolade has done that. She has adapted to it. She has a rich collection of white outfits, from Lace to Cotton, to other kinds of expensive white fabrics. What has made wearing of white not to be monotonous for her is the different kinds of white fabrics she wears and her choice of accessories, to enrich the colour. Her fashion designer has also come up with various fashion styles that fits her, from boubous to long and short kaftans with different twists to the designs. She has also shown a preference for different kinds and shades of French laces, with white inner linings, which further gives her outfits an exciting look. She also combines this with white headgear (gele), made out of the fabrics. She also wears white Aso Oke or Turbans. So, these days for Toyin Kolade, white is it. It's White all the way. And she is loving it and rocking it.

–Seye kehinde



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